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New Power Rangers Movie Selects Writers

After two months since production was first announced, both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety have revealed who will be the screenwriters for the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film.

Being brought in to craft the screenplay are Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, whose writing credits include the feature films X-Men: First Class and Thor, as well as select episodes of the TV series Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

In addition, Roberto Orci, whose writing credits include The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Star Trek Into Darkness and the first two Transformers movies has signed on as an executive producer.  He will be collaborating on the story elements with Miller and Stentz.

This film is a development of Lionsgate and Saban Brands.

Johnny Yong Bosch in “Sailor Moon”

Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) has been cast in the English dub of Viz Media’s new Sailor Moon acquisition.  This includes the original anime series and its three films, as well as the new anime series Sailor Moon Crystal.

He’ll provide the voice of Minako’s guardian cat, Artemis.

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Cerina Vincent in “Jennifer Falls”

Cerina Vincent (Maya from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) guest starred in the June 25 episode of TV Land’s Jennifer Falls.

She plays Caroline, a clerk at the sporting goods store. The episode is #106, “The Virginity Thief”.

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Erika Fong in “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

Erika Fong (Mia from Power Rangers Samurai) has a small role in the #1 movie in the country, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor as a father, daughter and her boyfriend who help to save Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots from the threats of not only their robotic enemies, but their human ones.  Erika plays one of the analysts working at the CIA.

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Cameron Jebo in “Austin & Ally”

Cameron Jebo (Orion from Power Rangers Super Megaforce) guest starred in the June 22 episode of Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally.

He played Gavin, Ally’s new writing partner who has feelings for her and asks her out, all of which makes Austin jealous.  The episode is #318, “Hunks & Homecoming”.

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Jason David Frank Returns to “Heroes of Cosplay”

Jason David Frank (Tommy from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) made his second appearance on the SyFy reality competition series Heroes of Cosplay.

He was a judge on the panel for the remaining contestants’ entries at the 2014 Wizard World convention in Portland, Oregon.  In addition to the festivities, there were also people dressed up as the Green Ranger and Rita Repulsa.  The episode is #110.

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Episode 180: Interview with Jeffrey Parazzo

No Pink Spandex – Episode 180: Interview with Jeffrey Parazzo (1:06:35, 46 MB)

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Topics: We talk with Jeffrey Parazzo about his time on Power Rangers, upcoming projects, and much more. What project is he working on with fans at Power Morphicon 2014? Listen and find out!

Episode 179: Interview with Brad Hawkins

No Pink Spandex – Episode 179: Interview with Brad Hawkins (1:04:46, 45 MB)

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Patricia Ja Lee in Time Warner Cable Commercial

Patricia Ja Lee (Cassie from Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space) is in a new commercial for Time Warner Cable. It doubles as an ad for How to Train Your Dragon 2, so she rides a dragon in it.

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Amy Jo Johnson Wants To Be in Power Rangers Reboot?

Last week, Amy Jo Johnson posted on Twitter her interest in seeing what the upcoming Power Rangers movie has in store.

Beyond curious to see what @HaimSaban & @lionsgatemovies does w/ 3rd Power Ranger film I WANT TO PLAY IVY OOZE!!

First off, Ivan Ooze will forever be called Ivy. Blue Ivy ain’t got nothing on him! Second, Amy Jo as the villain and not just “good gal on a spell?” Yes. Yes indeed. Make this happen!

Max Landis Rumored To Write Power Rangers Movie

Schmoes Know reports that Max Landis (Writer, Chronicle) has turned in a draft of the screenplay for the upcoming Power Rangers movie to Jim Miller (Executive Vice President, Production & Development at Lionsgate), Allison Shearmur (Executive Producer, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), and Haim Saban.

Then Landis took to Twitter and started posting his opinions about reboots. Hmmm…

Reboots should focus on the fun ideas at the center of the original property. “Dark and gritty” isn’t for everything. Something that was fun and colorful should remain fun and colorful. Just up the intelligence and the character. That was what the first JJ Trek did so well, or Winter soldier, or even the new Godzilla. As a writer, the last thing I’d want would be to force a tone that doesn’t belong onto a story. Tone is story. That said, if the property wasn’t open to evolve, I’d want no part and get out ASAP.

But then posts the following:

As I’ve said before, as of right now, I am not directly involved in Power Rangers. Whether I have been or will be again, no comment. The good news is, regardless of whatever’s happening in Angel Grove, I have three, possibly four movies coming out next year. So…yeah.

Hmmm indeed. On May 16th, Landis took to Twitter again and posted the following:

The worst part of being a recognizable, accessible screenwriter is that all of your minor failures or successes are broadcasted. Imagine if you were an actor, and every audition you went on and didn’t get, it was announced you “failed” to get the part. Or let’s say you were in a movie, and shot your scenes, and now what happens next you don’t control. that’s like screenwriting. So far I’ve had one movie, with one tone. The ones that are coming are all VERY different from Chronicle, and each other. I have a very specific trajectory and goal for myself, and I’m trying to get there before the movie industry falls apart completely. So you can imagine how bizarre it is to hear these voices yelling opinions about scripts they’ve never read, projects that do or don’t exist. Oh well, haters gonna. for now.

Video: Matt Austin’s Vision for MMPR Reboot

Not only did Matt Austin show interest to be the director for the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and had an online petition started for him, he has now cut together some character videos from existing clips to help us get the feel of what he would do. It does not mean that he wants Chloë Grace Moretz as Kimberly….or does he?

Episode 178: He Had It Comin’

No Pink Spandex – Episode 178: He Had It Comin’ (1:40:47, 69 MB)

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Matt Austin Interested in Directing New Power Rangers Movie

Ever since Saban Brands and Lionsgate made the announcement on May 7th about making a new live action Power Rangers movie, the topic has been the talk of the town including trending on Facebook. Speculation has been rampant about release dates, the cast, and the director.

One person who is throwing his hat in the ring for the director’s chair is Power Rangers SPD’s own Matt Austin. After his stint on SPD, he has gone back to directing short films and TV shows and is currently directing his feature film Pretend We’re Kissing. Here’s his statement:

If I were to helm the Power Rangers Reboot, I’d try and make sure the whole thing retained an adventurous/tongue-in-cheek tone – even though I’m sure it would be set against the backdrop of the end of world. I don’t think this needs to be “dark” but I don’t think it needs to be campy either. At the end of the day it has to be kid friendly. (Every adult AND kid I know loved The Lego Movie.) I think it’s sad that there are little boys and girls obsessed with Spider-Man and Superman and they can’t even go see the films of their heroes. On an economic front, that doesn’t make a lot of sense either. That’s a lot of tiny bums in seats they’re missing out on.

On a content note, it wouldn’t make sense to try and compete with the X-Men, Iron Man’s and Captain America’s. They just can’t, even with the nostalgia factor. I’m very looking forward to seeing The Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks like it has a great sense of humor. Things like that movie, other teen hero flicks like Attack the Block, films I grew up with like the Goonies or The Last Starfighter, and even Pixar’s The Incredibles, would be the wells I would draw on for inspiration. I also think it would be fun to have it set in the 90s, when the show premiered.

I don’t know how many “well-known” directors are going to be attracted to the project, so if it’s going to be someone new and unknown, why the heck can’t it be me? I have directed teen series (Mudpit), my documentary on John Hughes (Don’t You Forget About Me) certainly has made me a bit of an expert coming-of-age films and my experience as an actor on the series is nothing to sneeze at. If Marc Webb, a filmmaker with zero action movie experience (500 Days of Summer) can be hired to do Spider-Man (B unit did all the action sequences), based on his style and attention to character, story and relationships, why can’t I go from my past shorts, features, and my recent film (Pretend We’re Kissing) to this?

Episode 177: It Was Manslaughter

No Pink Spandex – Episode 177: It Was Manslaughter (1:37:25, 67 MB)

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Christina Masterson in Coca-Cola Commercial

Christina Masterson (Emma from Power Rangers Megaforce) is in an ad for the new Coca-Cola Sixer.

She’s second from the right on the couch, with all her friends eating Chinese while they watch TV.

YouTube Preview Image

Ilia Volok in “Rake”

Ilia Volok (Master Org from Power Rangers Wild Force) guest starred in the April 5 episode of Fox’s Rake.

He played the defendant in a trial against former Governor Markham, accusing him of assault when the public figure took a ride in his taxi.  The episode is #111, “Remembrance of Taxis Past”.

Adelaide Kane in “Jeopardy!”

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya 7 from Power Rangers RPM) was featured in the April 28 episode of the Jeopardy! game show.

She introduced a category and delivered the $200 clue for a column celebrating The CW series Reign and their take on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots.

(Courtesy: Storm Eagle from Rangerboard)

David de Lautour in “Once Upon a Time”

David de Lautour (RJ from Power Rangers Jungle Fury) guest starred in the April 20 episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

He played Prince Jonathan, a man after Cora’s heart who is ultimately revealed to have been a commoner.  But in one magical night together, they ended up conceiving the girl who would grow up to become the Wicked Witch.  The episode is #318, “Bleeding Through”.

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Amy Jo Johnson in “Covert Affairs”

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) will be joining the cast of USA’s Covert Affairs.

She will portray Hayley, “a National Counter Terrorism Center investigator who knows how to stand her ground.  A persistent woman who’s an expert at taking control, Hayley goes head-to-head with Auggie when the intelligence community faces a united threat.”

The fifth season of Covert Affairs premieres June 24 @ 10PM.

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