No Pink Spandex » Episode 213: Just Don’t Get Too Derpy

Episode 213: Just Don’t Get Too Derpy

No Pink Spandex – Episode 213: Just Don’t Get Too Derpy (1:17:31, 54 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Shamus
Topics: We review Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 10 “Gone Fishin’” and the MMPR 2016 Annual from Boom! Comics. Also, does Amy Jo Johnson want to come back to Power Rangers? Listen to find out!

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“I just want to measure your fish”.

I’m dying of laughter.

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Sep 01 16 at 12:22 am


1. Keeper and the removal of water… where did it go?
2. If Keeper has these magical powers, he could end California’s drought by sending all of that water from Louisiana’s flooding, and make two states of people happy.
3. If Keeper has these magical powers, he could find where EgyptAir 804 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had crash landed, and help give some closure to all of the grieving families.

4. I will stop. Basically, Keeper has God status. Though that little a-hole only cares about those energems. What’s he going to do when he collects all of them? Destroy the villains, and unbond all of the rangers from their energems, and GTFO of there?

5. The episode was cute. There were a lot of little adorable moments. Very rushed, or several things shoved together, but it kind of worked. I wasn’t mad about that.

6. I am loosing track of who is who with the rangers and villains. There are so many. I need a refresher course because they disappear half of the time. But, hey:
More eye candy for me, I sure am not complaining. There were some fine young men in that Kendal scene. I am sure that actress wasn’t complaining either.
*waves a fan*

7. So, what do we have? Two more rangers? Well, let’s take a look at ranger history, shall we…
Whenever the writers give too much time to some newbie on the program, they later on become a ranger.
Riley’s brother? Anyone? Anyone?
*Gasp* Erin? Anyone? Anyone?
Because why on Earth would you have TWO episodes back to back that feature additional characters if you weren’t setting something up for later…
My guess is that this Alien being dude gives his powers to Riley’s brother or something. I honestly don’t remember which rangers suits are left to fill, but if there is a female, it’s probably Erin. *bleh*

7. I’m still Team Heckle. He’s not done yet. If the VFX team is pulling Keeper out of the woodworks, and the writers have had subtle Heckle scenes, there’s going to be more. We have one villain dude (why bother remembering names anymore) who is fleeing–he’s important. Maybe like a Darconda character, and will come back with sweet revenge. I really don’t think that Sledge is actually dead. The writers are up to something, they keep dropping random sh!t in their episodes.

8. I’d vote that this was more of a 4. At minimum a 3.75. Yeah, rushed. But a better love story than twilight. *big grin*

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Sep 01 16 at 1:44 am

I didn’t mind the comic, Trini and Kimberly are feminine women so what’s wrong with giving them feminine stories? Caring about animals and shopping are accurate to their respective characters. It would be different it were a character like Jen or Taylor.

Anyway, I loved the Jason story too because it shows off how awesome he is and exemplifies one of the core elements of being a superhero. Kyle Higgins said he wanted to bring focus to the show’s sense of balance to being a teenage superhero, and of course Jason was easily the best choice to demonstrate that.

My only issue with Goldar’s origin is that he was sort of being upstaged by his brother and Zedd but I’m glad it was written by someone who really understands the mythology of the series, almost a little too much so I agree it kinda came off like showing off, naming dropping left and right.

I liked the Bulk and Skull story, Orange and Purple Ranger! Yes! I actually wish the person who wrote this story would write Bulk and Skull’s backup story for the main comic because those are tedious. And of course I love when they step up to the plate in their own goofy way.

The other two stories were funny and cool respectively.

Javier (JNTA1234) added these pithy words on Sep 04 16 at 10:52 am