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Reviews: Power Morphicon Exclusive & Legacy Ninja Storm Collection

For the third straight installment, Power Morphicon – the biennial Power Rangers convention in Pasadena, California – has partnered with Bandai America to bring fans an exclusive figure. This time, it’s a black and gold version of the Dino Megazord that can be created by combining individual pieces packaged with each member of the Mighty Morphin’ team. Coming in at a price of $40, this limited to 500 figures item is a surefire rarity.

Speaking of the new legacy collection line of action figures, the first wave is currently hitting shelves across the country and it includes both the Red and Green Rangers from Mighty Morphin’ and all three Wind Rangers from Ninja Storm. Priced at $19.99, these figures have only been seen in Target as of the writing of this article but they should soon be available at all major retailers.

To hear my thoughts on both the PMC exclusive Dino Megazord and the three Ninja Storm figures, please follow this link to my YouTube channel: Captain Subpar’s Toy Reviews. While you’re there, you can also check out my many other reviews for recent Power Rangers and Super Sentai releases. In addition to that, I’m also counting down all of the Power Rangers seasons in a series of videos and so much more.

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