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Review: Legacy Communicator – Tommy Oliver Edition

The long-awaited prop that fans have been clamoring for years to get their hot little hands on has finally started to hit store shelves. The latest Toys”R”Us-exclusive legacy item is a replica of the classic communicator for all of your teleporting and Zordon-chatting needs. It comes in two versions: a regular version for the main five rangers and a special Tommy Oliver edition if you prefer the green and white motif. At the moment, only the latter version has been seen in stores. Retailing at $79.99 the item is wearable on adult wrists and contains many vintage Power Rangers phrases.

To hear my full and frank review of the toy along with other reviews of previously released legacy items, click here to visit my channel Captain Subpar’s Toy Reviews on YouTube. Check out reviews for both the Falconzord and Thunder Megazord along with my Super Sentai reviews and other musings.

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