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Episode 212: We Are Best Friend

No Pink Spandex – Episode 212: We Are Best Friend (2:15:26, 93 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Shamus
Topics: We talk about the mid-season premiere of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 9 “Besties 4Eva!”. We are also joined by Mike and Jarys of Ace of Geeks and discuss all the Power Morphicon news including the new Ninja Steel cast and much more!


Ace of Geeks
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Two pages of notes…

1. Lisa, I was at the NPS panel. I came in a little late, sorry about that. I was that person sneaking in (down the middle of the isle). I was volunteering, so, I had to wait till my duties were no longer needed.

A. Trees in the sewer. Thought it was a terrible editing mistake. Whoops.
B. There wasn’t a moral to that episode. In fact, it should have been: boys and girls, this is NOT a BFF. This is a BAD friendship. This is a manipulative B*tch. Stay away from people like this.
C. And, I would teach young girls to be assertive. I would have Shelby be assertive, and stand up for herself. Versus being walked all over, exactly what Erin did throughout that whole episode. WTF writers?!?

D. Who the hell is writing these episodes? (Yes, I have looked).
REPHRASE QUESTION: Why the hell are these people writing these episodes? Baaad! Baaad! Baad! (Not megaforce bad, just not in Dino Charge canon).

E. I do have points to give though: The Heckle scene was gold. It helps that he’s gorgeous to look at, while being badass in his chair… *sigh*

REPHRASED: If we could have more Heckle interacting with his minions, it would be great.

D. Cinnamon? Why not? In high doses, it’s toxic. Maybe the writers are being clever? (Too many points? I will stop here).

E. The video? Something that I would expect from Disney. Bleh.

F. Wrench being electrocuted. I was waiting for him to use that to his advantage later. I thought they would. The writers kind of did, but it was a let down. Bah.


Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Aug 28 16 at 5:38 am


(Clarification: The music video: too Disney).

Resumes Notes.

1. Also from SoCal. Glad you enjoyed our traffic. You are more than welcome to take some of it with you. Luckily, we have metro. Not fighting traffic for the gold line is Golden.
2. In & Out is what it is. I don’t get it either. But folks swear by it. So just leave it. It’s like there is Five Guys. We don’t “get” Five Guys, but you East Coasters do.
3. Panels. I went to three. Basically, late to two. Yours, and the tail end of the AmeriToku. A poorly dubbed anime that was basically for men. Up shot of skirts… then one poorly dubbed live action, also for men. More upshots of skirts. Bleh.
4. The last panel was the one after the AmeriToku. One of the photographers of mmpr was showing off old tapes that he had. It was interesting. Though, I now am older than the actors were, and they all looked like kids. (It’s a trip, seeing how I was a little kid when I first was introduced to the program).
5. RPM was the best season.
6. No shame.
7. I was assisting on the photoshoot side, and the roar from the room to the right of us was deafening. ‘Oh, the Saban panel is going on”. My brain stopped registering on Friday. So I dumbly went, “Saban?” Yeah… anyways, I took a peak from the backend, and saw the Ninja Steel folks on the stage. And Andre the Black Nerd. “Saban”. Sometimes, I wonder if my head is in working order. (Though afterwards, I was able to see the Ninja Steel crew hangout in the backend. That was cool).
I need to finish Ninninger. So behind.
8. Saw the new MMPR Movie figures. Not impressed. I am trying to stay open… I just can’t help the fact that I am feeling disappointed. But the MMPR photobooth was a lot of fun. I should have done that a million times.
9. About the Ninja Steel Trailer: saw it online. Too much sentai footage. WTF.
-10. I will stop here. Finish notes manana.

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Aug 28 16 at 5:54 am


There were more notes. I forgot about them. I will be brief.

1. The PMC App. It was a start. I have an idea that will improve it: Doubledutch.

I wish that I could add imagery to this post. However, Doubledutch is an incredible software that makes it very easy to know what is happening in real time, check in to the panel, know when panels are, be able to interact with fellow members, ask questions to other members, have an interactive map and a static map… I will probably reach out to Scott about this.
2. Lots of PokemonGO users at that conference. I loved it when a gaggle of fans would stop, and catch pokemon. I am still waiting for a Kamen Rider version of this game… I would love to be Decade, and fighting monsters in Augmented Reality. I suppose, PMC would really benefit had they embraced Augmented Reality, and had “live” posters throughout the convention. (Live? Maybe they will embrace AR in the MMPR film campaign and have AR trading cards, or something… I really would like to see the franchise step into Virtual Reality, and have a room just dedicated to that kind of experience. For a film like that, as an advertiser, I would go all out. Except, the film would have been out for a year at the next PMC. But the technology could be dangled in front of our faces for months until PMC, and then we can experience it. (Experience what? Imagine being in the center of a zord battle, two giant mecha fighting a giant monster! Or Maybe in the VR “world”, the rangers interact with you, and you have to choose with a wand how to proceed. Kind of like, choose your own adventure, but you actually experience it).
3. I liked the art show. I wished that there was more art. Maybe widen up the art show to more people. Widen the age range. Get more kids. It’s their show, too. I’d also add the interactivity element nearby. Pose with CGI or live people (maybe those who can’t make the show) via AR. (Yes, I love emerging technologies).
4. The convention felt smaller than the first time that I went. But I also volunteered 2/3s of the time, and missed all of the so-called important stuff. But I am glad that it wasn’t just me who felt that the con seemed stunted.

As usual, I am very grateful for PMC, and those who help run it. Thank you, NPS for your panel. I enjoyed the latter half of the panel. Now I can visualize the people behind the voices. (Though it was hard looking at all of you, since my brain is used to only listening). Glad to have met! (From far away. Eeeee… that sounds creepy. I swear I am not creepy. I’ll stop talking).

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Aug 31 16 at 8:09 pm