No Pink Spandex » Episode 116: Blaquitar

Episode 116: Blaquitar

No Pink Spandex – Episode 116: Blaquitar (1:02:47, 43 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Spy
Topics: Ricardo Medina, Jr. on Power Rangers Samurai?, Power Rangers Samurai in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Power Rangers Samurai First Promo, Goukaiger Suits and Mecha, and more!


First Look at Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger!

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Comments ( 2 )

awesome episode. loving the peg-leg cannon

Kadam1991 added these pithy words on Dec 21 10 at 5:26 am

If they do A Power Rangers Reboot, then they should film it like Sin City. Where eveything in the movie is black and white except for the PR.

Special Task added these pithy words on Feb 10 11 at 11:57 am