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Sneak Peek at Power Rangers Samurai

Nickelodeon has given us a sneak peek of Power Rangers Samurai, which includes the morphing sequence and some fighting. Check it out below:

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No Pink Spandex » Episode 118: Captain Marvelous added these pithy words on Dec 31 10 at 3:16 pm

I’ll take Samurai Sentai Shinkenger over THIS any day. I mean, “Go Go Samurai”? “Samurai Ranger ready”? “Rangers together, samurai forever”?!?! Worst morphing call EVER! “Ippitsu Soujou” had more oomph in my opinion. And once again the producers reinvent the wheel with the morphing sequence, making it more over the top (also see RPM, Jungle Fury, Operation Overdrive, Mystic Force, SPD, Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, Time Force, Lightspeed Rescue, Lost Galaxy and Turbo) when Shinkenger’s, and for the most part Sentai in general, was by comparison more straightforward. If they spent more money on the writing (”Did someone order a chopped Mooger salad?” Seriously, MOOGERS?!?!?! “Have a nice flight”?) and just reuse the morphing sequences from Sentai more often (Space and Wild Force, anyone?) maybe it’d be a better show

V added these pithy words on Dec 24 10 at 4:36 pm

Power Rangers and Sentai are two different shows, get off you high-horse and just judge it on its own merits, you’re not winning any fancy prize for comparing apples to oranges.

That being said, yeah this is pretty sub-par. I was pretty wary from the preview of what we’d get, but I reserved all judgement for when I saw it all in context. But… now that I have seen it in better context than the preview, this is really… wow. It’s not unbearable, I think the only part that really bothered me was how stiff the morphing sequence looked pre-helmets, some of the one-liners, which only really fail on delivery. And the VA for the monster was just… bad. In the second preview I thought they he had an accent and this smarmy attitude that made him kinda cool. But from this he just had no personality and came off as whiny.

I like the uniforms, the mask is a neat idea and they’ll probably use them as pre-morph fighting suits. I kinda wished they kept the folding part of the phone but the neon tip thing is pretty cool, the kids got the motions down well and the way they hold the morpher works with the air-writing thing. I don’t know what they’re going to do about all the stock footage with the rangers writing with the folded up phone… but we’ll see I guess.

Anyway, I think I’ll reserve further judgement for when we see more. There’s still a lot of things out of context that could sound better when there’s a broader picture of what’s actually going on.

Eric added these pithy words on Dec 25 10 at 6:40 pm

Oh my god, Samuraizer? As in Let’s Samurize Guys! geez. aka SHSSS. Coulda at least called it a samurai morpher.
The sweats don’t make me happy, I’m getting tired of the same color palette on their uniforms. As I’ve said before somewhere else, they are better off being more traditional with the themes, as in having robes for these rangers instead of sweats. Also, when they do morph, they look like ninjas, kinda like the Hurricangers did when they morphed. I loved the saying, Rangers Together! Samurai Forever! As it wasn’t a morph call, it kinds subtly set it apart from other ranger series as it subtly inserted a little heart into it. And Besides, it means more to me and it’s potential viewers than Power Rangers Forever! any day would have. I applaud them for not beating around the bush and just firmly display the Kanji outright. I mean, what does it actually mean when you strip out the major theme and meat and bones of the show? What does it actually mean to localize a show, so much so that the original context is not even there anymore? I think every Ranger series should stand on it’s own, they should have their own style as per it’s theme, and not be overly cool every season. Overly cool meaning the same look and feel every year. How do you sell a series where on the surface, it tries to differentiate itself, but then falls short when you find out the cajun chicken that you ordered is exactly the same as the meat and potatoes you’ve always been eating. But other than that, the preview seems to show that it has a bit more depth than any of the Disney series tries to be. It is different in that the Disney previews seems to sell the series on it’s points very well, but the series itself lacks these properties. But the difference in the Samurai preview is that the points being sold, are actually central to the show because it is the actual product. However, I am happy we got what we got this season, it seems promising.

Yan added these pithy words on Dec 31 10 at 9:13 pm

Oh, and, damn, they actually are passing off the MMPR theme as the samurai’s. I’d like a little bit more origality please. That being said, I do appreciate the remix, though, the mmpr theme has been done to death. And if I want theme nostalgia, i’ll just watch a classic episode. It’s been a long time coming to promote the Zeo theme imo. I hope the real theme is yet to be presented.

Yan added these pithy words on Dec 31 10 at 9:36 pm

Here’s an idea: Why doesn’t Toei sanction an official Sentai sub for Goseiger, Shinkenger etc. instead of resorting to typo laden fansubs of varying quality? They did it when Battle Fever J aired in Hawaii, AND Choudenshi Bioman had an English dub produced for English speaking countries in Asia. If Toei sanctioned subtitling for Sentai (not just English but also Spanish etc.), the younger audiences would learn how to read via the subtitles AND MAYBE want to even learn Japanese later on. Just my 2 cents

V added these pithy words on Jan 08 11 at 12:52 pm