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Greg Aronowitz’s SPD Emergency

Greg Aronowitz (Executive Producer from Power Rangers SPD) will be writing up about his time and work on the show, and he’s recently updated his blog with Part 1. It’s all about creating Doggie Cruger and his wife Aisynia, and his first days on the set in New Zealand. There better be a lot more parts to the SPD journey or else! Here’s an excerpt from his entry:

Even though I had written and directed for television before, SPD was my first Executive Producer gig. I was brought on to “expand the vision” of the show, and bring a new and fresh element to the PR franchise. My background was in Special FX and Production Design. I don’t know why I am capitalizing those titles, but I guess it makes them look more Important.

I wanted the futuristic Earth of 2025 (yes, 2025!!!!) to be coherent, the environments and the characters all feeling grounded, interactive with each other. The storyline we came up with made Earth a safe haven for aliens, much as the US was to immigrants back when the Statue of liberty was more than a tourist attraction. So it was important to me that there were actually ALIENS in the show, which always seems to be the first thing cut out of any sci-fi TV!

Greg has also posted a lot of pictures of the process, so check them out, and give him feedback on his entry on Twitter!


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