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Upcoming Convention Appearances

Robert Axelrod (Voice of Finster and Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) will appear at MatsuriCon August 28-30 in Worthington, OH. See site for details.

Derek Stephen Prince (Voice of Elgar from Power Rangers Turbo) will appear at Fan Expo Canada August 28-30 in Toronto, ON. See site for details.

Johnny Yong Bosch will appear at AnimeFest September 4-7 in Dallas, TX. See site for details.

Richard Epcar (Voice Actor from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Power Rangers Wild Force) and Neil Kaplan (Voice of Diabolico from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) will appear at Dragon*Con September 4-7 in Atlanta, GA. See site for details.

Richard Epcar will appear at Erie Anime Experience September 25-27 in Edinboro, PA. See site for details.


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