No Pink Spandex » Episode 75: Taking Orders Now

Episode 75: Taking Orders Now

No Pink Spandex – Episode 75: Taking Orders Now (1:49:23, 75 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Spy
Topics: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Power Rangers RPM Episode 20 “Heroes Among Us”, Lost Galaxy, Ninja Storm, Red Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2, WMAC Masters, and more!

Brought to you by: Emma Lahana Musician/Actress

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Comments ( 4 )

wassup yall, i enjoyed your podcast today. it was long, but still entertaining lol. im an old PR fan and when i heard from my cousin that PR was going to be canceled, i told myself to at least try to make an effort to watch the last season.

umm lisa, yah dont need to trip, i totally agree with you with the scott and daddy truman thing… its like no love is coming from his dad. and flynn and his dad was a different story. his dad showed that he cared about his son, but he just didnt want flynn to follow what he thought was an unrealistic dream of his. in scotts story, the dad alway favor scotts older brother, and even when the brother dies scott still doesnt get no love…even when they are talking to each other. its like when the dad say “dont go outside the dome”…its like he saying “dont go outside the dome because its a stupid plan, soilder” instead of “dont go outside the dome because i already lost one son, i dont want to lose another”… you know what i mean? i dont know. maybe he meant the sec one but he didnt show it really well lol. and the dad clearly saw scott helping out. i mean if the robot monster didnt get to them it would of been the grinders that would of got them later on. and scott didnt need a metal, but at least a “good job”…and for that reason ill give scott the OKAY to whine and throw an attention tantrum, but not all the time tho, just for that episode lol. i know this is pretty long but i promise its gonna end soon, i just wanted to add a lil bit more

WMAC Masters…never watched the show, sorry.

KRDK… never watch it either…but i will one day lol

the whole ethnicity thing with tommy and rocky… yeah i thought that was weird… i thought they were two white guys too lol… i mean well…we know that rocky is hispanic, but i think they should of made him spanish not mexican…well i dont know if they said he was mexican but watchin that “finding the zeo crystals” episode made it felt like he was suppose to be mexican…but if wrong plz correct me on that lol…and tommy, its funny that they made tommy indian. its like they was trying to say that the leader of the rangers is an american all the way, by saying he is native AMERICAN lol…its cool and all, it just caught me off guard, because you already knew rocky was hispanic, adam was asian, aisha was african, and kat was australian. but we never knew what tommy was, and native american wasnt really my first guess lol.

like i said…sorry this is long, you guys brought up some interesting subjects lol

Ah_ReN added these pithy words on Aug 24 09 at 12:16 pm

Hey guys! Awesome podcast as always… But I’ve been wondering, where is Katie? Anyway, take care!

Hunter added these pithy words on Aug 25 09 at 4:17 pm

I’m sorry, I could not contain myself anymore. The second, the absolute second that you started talking about WMAC Masters, I fell completely head over heels in love with you and Jer. I felt like no one else in the world had seen that show besides me and a friend of mine. The subject came up when we were watching Mortal Kombat, and I realized the first person Liu Kang fights (and subsequently the first person to die, in combat) was ‘The Machine’, with his short, Milli-Vanilli weave. I love WMAC Masters SO much, and when I realized it was Tsunami that was in on it with Tracer, I about flipped my sh*t.

Also it was Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, not his sister that was the announcer. There was a whole episode when all the girls were freaking out because there were rumors that she might quit being an announcer and become a fighter.

And one more thing…what is so bad about Jungle Fury? I’m sorry, I loved it. I mean, I loved it for basically the same reason that I loved Mystic Force. Not for the central ranger team, but for the supporting characters. I LOVE RJ, in his sexy purple costume with his shoulder shimmy tassles.

So yeah, so glad to have you guys back, and keep up the good work. Laters!

Sugar-Chan added these pithy words on Sep 03 09 at 4:07 pm

This has been one of my favorite episodes you have ever done. Now I need to go listen to Enjin Soul.

BatZilla98 added these pithy words on Sep 04 09 at 3:52 pm