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Rick Medina Denied Reduction in Bail

After being arrested on formal murder charges last month, KNBC-4 Los Angeles reports that Rick Medina a.k.a. Ricardo Medina, Jr. (Cole from Power Rangers Wild Force) appeared in court in the city of Lancaster for a bail hearing, presenting the argument that Medina does not pose a threat to the outside world. The judge turned down the reduction request and the $1 million dollar bail still stands.

Deputy District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef claimed that there were ten total stab wounds on Joshua Sutter’s body, Medina’s former roommate.┬áMedina’s attorney Alan Bell disputed the claim, saying that the prosecution did not want to see photos proving the majority of those wounds were bites from dogs cared for on Sutter’s property and the coroner had incorrectly identified said wounds.

Bell also presented a protective order filed by Joshua Sutter’s sister Rachel Kennedy against her brother. Bell cited that Sutter possibly had a violent pattern, but Kennedy spoke to reporters stating that the incident between her and her brother was all a misunderstanding.

Medina has another court date currently scheduled for April 2016.

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