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Rick Medina Re-Arrested for Murder

TMZ reports they’ve spoken to local law enforcement and Rick Medina a.k.a. Ricardo Medina, Jr. (Cole from Power Rangers Wild Force) has been arrested and formally charged with the stabbing death of his roommate Joshua Sutter.

Last year, Medina was involved in a fatal encounter with Sutter apparently stemming from an argument over Medina’s girlfriend.  Medina immediately alerted police, and after an initial investigation, charges against him were dropped and he was released from jail.  But the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department today says the district attorney has now charged Medina with one count of murder.  According to the KTLA-5 Los Angeles news crew, prosecutors request he be held on $1 million bail.

The family of Joshua Sutter assumes this new action was taken due to evidence not matching Medina’s claim of self-defense.  Chiefly, that Sutter was said to be the attacker yet had defensive wounds on his hands, and allegedly burst into Medina’s room yet most of his blood was found outside the room.

If convicted, Medina would face 26 years to life in prison.

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