No Pink Spandex » Charges Dropped Against Rick Medina for Roommate’s Death

Charges Dropped Against Rick Medina for Roommate’s Death

On Sunday, February 1, 2015, TMZ broke the story about Rick Medina a.k.a. Ricardo Medina, Jr. (Cole from Power Rangers Wild Force) being arrested for stabbing his roommate Joshua Sutter in the stomach with a sword after an altercation:

According to law enforcement … Medina retreated to his bedroom with his girlfriend — but Sutter forced his way into the bedroom … and that’s when Medina allegedly stabbed him once in the abdomen with the sword.

Medina called 911 and waited for for cops to arrive. He was arrested and booked for murder. Sutter was transported to a hospital … where he was pronounced dead. is now reporting that the charges against Medina for murder were dropped today and the district attorney is requesting further investigation. Medina was released today at approximately 1:00 PM PT.


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