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Episode 201: Wade in the North Pole

No Pink Spandex – Episode 201: Wade in the North Pole (1:18:14, 55 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, and Shamus
Topics: Originally recorded December 27, 2015. We discuss the holiday clip shows of Power Rangers Dino Charge!

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REALLY not feeling this new guy. he tries way too hard to be funny.

mespi56934 added these pithy words on Jan 18 16 at 11:45 pm

I feel like Chase can’t use a Zord to fly from Amber Beach to NZ because of international laws. The governments all know about the Rangers, and probably have so many laws regarding Ranger/Monster activity on either a state-to-state basis or a city-to-city basis, that while the local governments have an implicit acceptance of the Rangers defeating the Monster within their jurisdiction, for a Ranger to use his powers and Zords for personal gain and purposely violate another jurisdiction’s borders/air-space would appear to the world at large that it’s an Evil Ranger, and would cause a huge incident. It’s the perfect explanation for this, and also the perfect explanation for why the Rangers who weren’t even affiliated with Zordon never escalated a battle.

They’re working under very strict laws despite their semi-vigilante natures, and violating those laws without reasonable cause would just get them in more trouble with the government than it’s worth, and it would affect their ability to fight monsters. And if you’ve got a legally imprisoned Ranger team while a Monster’s destroying the city, and you have politicians squabbling about it, the world’s going to end up in chaos.

Maybe the world already was in chaos before RPM, due to accidental or intentional violations of these laws. This caused so many international incidents that the only option anybody could agree on was to have dedicated Ranger taskforces run by particular governments. This is likely the origin of Alphabet Soup.

To wrap this post up in a nice little Christmas Bow, is it any coincidence that Santa Claus has the same initials as Scorpion Cartel? I THINK NOT!

GekiCosmic (Ivan) added these pithy words on Jan 19 16 at 6:05 am

Notes from Episode 200, because I was locked out of the comments.

1). Awesome job for making it to year ten. I had ran across your pod cast in the early days, but my internet connection couldn’t handle it, so I just moved on. Glad I came back.

2). It was pretty lonely being a fan in the franchise before the internet connected everybody. I’m a female, so most folks weren’t accepting for me to like a “boys” show. Even the boys weren’t always accepting.

3). It’s still lonely, but like you said, places like PMC gives us closet fans a place to call home. I went to 4, and only a few people in my life know. I can’t talk about it openly. So I listen to NPS, and it makes me feel less alone.

4). Yes, if the movie is done well, the franchise will have a chance. I wish Eddie G. came back to the franchise… and did another season. (Not to say that I am not in love with DC. I am! I am! I just want to see what Eddie G. would come up with).

5). Autographs of actors are insanely expensive. So I just do pictures with them. Even that is getting expensive! About $15 per image on my own phone. Sadly, some of the pictures weren’t any good. :( But the memory was enough. I met several rangers and villains, and producers, and writers. I was super happy about it all. I was there. I can’t complain. I haven’t a clue if I can financially make it happen this year. :/

6). “Buy them a drink”. I can say this is true. Behind the scenes stuff is so much better than the actual con. If I had money, I’d do it again in an instant.

7). David Yost was a very deep interview on NPS. I think you should be proud. I have always loved him as a human being, and I felt closer to him when he opened up about being suicidal about being different (gay). He’s a strong man, and I look up to him.

8). I listen to your podcast, but I have no idea what any of you look like. At PMC4, I was listening for you, but I couldn’t just walk up to random folks and ask them if they were Lisa, because it would be wrong in so many levels. (First off, I’d be called a racist… yeah… that would be bad).

9). I am one of your four fans, Lisa. ( No, you have much more than that. We do listen. Maybe not in order or right away, but we do listen. I am behind on DC episodes. So I haven’t listened to your new podcasts because of SPOILERS. I’ll be back in a few weeks)…I hope.

10). “Shamus” regarding MF/SMF the only right way to get through that series is a large bottle of whiskey. (Or alcohol). I agree, agree, agree with you’re POV about that show.

11). You know what? There should be an after hours party at the next PMC, where there are shots taken for every “super mega win” or “mega force” or whatever, while doing a MF/SMF marathon…

12). ^^^ Just putting it out there.

13). Don’t feel bad, Lisa. I haven’t had a regular schedule with my comics lately. I usually listen to NPS while I am coloring the comics. I took some time off, too. But I am getting back into it. Or attempting to. So if I can manage to catch up to DC, I can then draw more comics while listening to NPS.

I’ve also been doing it for ten years. I still kick myself for not listening to you guys in the beginning of my coloring sessions. Your pod cast is the perfect timing for how long it takes me to get one done.

14). And, Lisa, you DO mean a lot to those out there. Those who cannot be themselves. They can listen to NPS, and feel okay.

15). I used to go to a different online forum website and vent with other folks. They were my friends. The forum had a good run, but now it is dead. I am really glad that this place is still going. I understand the connection, Jer.

16). Hey Lisa, about the very very very last section on your #200 podcast, I want to say THANK YOU for keeping it going. THANK YOU for keeping YOU going. THANK YOU for choosing life.

I, too, was battling my own inner wars, and lost sight of everything that I loved. I even gave up my fandom… the year PMC started. Had someone told me that my dreams of meeting my heroes existed…

I only learned years later, after I rediscovered NPS, that such a place existed. And, from there, I began to build up confidence to go. NPS helped me find myself. I’m corny, I know. But this is the only pod cast that has allowed me to feel good about being a ranger fan. Sorry, Dan Toku Rants. I just never got into your universe.

Anyways, with the way technology has gone, and the connectivity between the fandom and its fans, I am glad that I’ve stayed around this long. And, I am glad you have too Lisa!

(Reads above. This is getting long).

17). Stay Positive, Katie.

18). Thank you to the guys making NPS a lot of fun to listen to.

19). I hope to run into you guys at a future PMC. I am not a dork. I just doodle notes next to my tablet as I color comics while listening to you guys… okay, fine, I am a dork.


Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Feb 03 16 at 4:31 am