No Pink Spandex » Episode 169: He’s Boogieing with the Bear

Episode 169: He’s Boogieing with the Bear

No Pink Spandex – Episode 169: He’s Boogieing with the Bear (1:17:58, 54 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, and Tristan
Topics: Karan Ashley’s Explanation for Power Rangers Megaforce Reunion, 10 Ranger Cameos for Megaforce, More Rangers Announce Not Returning to the Show, David Yost and Walter Jones in TMZ, and much more!

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I am so fascinated by this whole mess. Remember when we all thought the show would be better out of Disney’s clutches? Yeah, those were the days. What an awful thing to do to your actors and fanbase. Also, the whole reason they moved to NZ was to save money. You mean to tell me after 10 years down there they haven’t saved enough for the 20th anniversary? I smell large amounts of BS.

I’d love to know the terms that Saban backed out of with some of the Rangers. Just what on earth was the problem if not money?? I certainly would need some guarantees just to show up for a cameo. Such a ridiculous way for Saban to act. I’ll be curious to see how it unfolds (but Megaforce will always be crap)!

PS – OG fan here. Haven’t watched a full season since RPM, but I always listen to this show. I guess I like y’all too much to stay away!

Miranda added these pithy words on May 19 13 at 10:18 pm

If this is how Power Rangers should be done via cheapening the cast cost, Haim Saban should do one of two things: pay up or sell your company to Disney for a discount.

Jeff added these pithy words on May 19 13 at 10:47 pm

Yall throwing shade at samurai… I love it!!!!!

David Givens added these pithy words on May 20 13 at 12:11 am

Jason Smith is about to be the Beyonce of power rangers….taking everyone’s shine for himself. I say lets watch and see

David Givens added these pithy words on May 20 13 at 12:47 am

Ton of notes, I wish I could just scan the page and post it, but I don’t want to reveal who I am on Facebook, so here it goes:

1. If Saban doesn’t realize that the fandom exists, they’re blind, deaf, and dumb.
2. As cute as the Samurai cast is, they’re too young for the anniversary show. They need to stick to being in the background.
3. Two Mikes? Crap, I didn’t even realize that.
4. “Fan base Speculation”, uh-huh. It’s called fans screen capturing tweets, and uploading them to FB, among other places. It’s called someone stepped in it, and it trying to cover there @$$.
5. I didn’t care for Troy I, II, or Three, either. I don’t even consider the Alien Rangers a real team. I thought all of that was “filler”, and boring.
6. TMZ is full of sh!t. It’s just for entertainment purposes. It’s like the trashy mags at the grocery store: not to be taken seriously.
7. Walter Jones talking to TMZ, not cool.
8. David Yost’s tweet being warped by TMZ, F–d up.
9. Don’t we [as a fan base] have talented fan-fiction writers? Why don’t Saban brands look into hiring a few of them. They might come up with something that the fandom may want…
10. Dropped Troy’s back story? He’s a freak’n stoner-look alike! The “dreams” were the only thing that made his character remotely interesting. Teach that man to smile! *grumble* *grumble* *grumble*
11. When the ones responsible for the 20th Anniversary, do not know anything about the Power Ranger Universe, it becomes painfully clear that Saban is half-@SSing everything. Gosh, couldn’t “Forever Red” be a requirement for each person to view? Or I know, maybe hire fans who are qualified for that position, who knows how to keep the franchise going? How in hell do you hire people who know nothing about the franchise? It’s like they are laying on the fans a giant turd. I hope the actors [that are participating] speak up about it, and add their two cents to improve everything…”not knowing ‘Forever Red’” *grumble* *grumble* grumble*
12. Johnny Tzack. *grumble* *grumble* *grumble*
13. I mean, 20 years! The Simpsons cartoon has 24 Seasons. The writers pull out all the stops to keep that show alive and functioning (mindfully ignoring the recent budget cut to continue the show). How hard can it be for Saban do invest like the Simpsons have done? (Saban doesn’t need to do any budget cuts. Saved money from being in NZ, hiring NZ staff, and selling PR for Billions to Disney in the first place. He bought it back for millions, but the personal gain is exceptional. *Aughh*

14. Impression of Haim—great!
15. “Poke the Bear” XD
16. Still want to see Ziggy in SMF. (Smurf!)
17. Took me 3x to get into JF. Maybe Casey (Jason) has grown up a little? And, maybe he’ll due his tribute show justice?

18. [To Lisa]: It sounds like we are in similar fields. I completely, and full-heartedly understand you, when you talk about people “Wanting something for nothing”. Creating magic isn’t a fast process. I usually color or animate while I am listening to NPS. It takes a long time. I have an education in what I do. I paid good money to get that degree that says “I am a professional of Magic-making-super-suit-keystroking-skills (or whatever)”. It irks me when someone wants to hire me for peanuts. “Oh, I need this done, and I can only pay you [insert minimum wage for few hours]“. I’ve done pro-bono work, because I wanted to, but I don’t advertise. I am trying to get respect in the field, and can’t be labeled “the cheap one”. Just because I draw a comic as a hobby, doesn’t mean I am going to storyboard your project for nothing. I enjoy my cartooning, but I don’t enjoy being taken advantage of. So I agree, boy do I agree.

19. Love your Podcast. Sorry for my crazy notes. This is the only way where I can respond simi-coherently.

20. For 20 years! Whoo!

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on May 26 13 at 3:20 am

Girl I know shade. Jer and Tristan needs to learn how to read and shade better. Girl, you need to learn these boys or something. Shoot not knowing the difference between Shade and being shady…And also they use shade, reading and voguing (being the physical representation of shade) in LGBTQ Lingo.

Jaelin added these pithy words on May 26 13 at 8:41 am

Damn, girl. Jaelin be puttin’ me on blast!

Jeremy added these pithy words on May 27 13 at 1:11 am