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Episode 168: Uninvited

No Pink Spandex – Episode 168: Uninvited (1:51:56, 77 MB)

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Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, and Tristan
Topics: Power Rangers Megaforce News and Rumors

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I read somewhere that Megaforce is one most expensive season to date and I really don’t see that from what I’ve seen so far. (ex: same outfits, little to no original fight footage, and the stinginess towards the vet rangers). I think that they just should have tried for one actor from each season and not aim for the stars if their gonna be cheap SOB’s about it.

Ray K added these pithy words on May 13 13 at 7:40 pm

Oh, you guys made my day! Aw… I missed listening to you while coloring my comics. So, anyways, here’s my list:

1). Lisa: About your feelings of detachment to PR. It’s not you, it’s the show. I’ve been watching it since I was a kid, and nearly every year since. For some reason, this season is an “eh” for me. Same with Samurai. It’s not memorable. My last favorite season is RPM. I believe that RPM was the last PR season. Everything afterwards has been peanuts. I’d like to like the new seasons, but it’s missing something. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

On the other hand, I am getting into the latest Sentai. The credits are growing on me. The silly slap stick King is growing on me… I’m enjoying KR Wizard. Even though I still feel as if it is a light series (the last episode was a little darker…not as dark as Kuuga, Akito or Fiaz). I’m absolutely in love with GARO, and became excited about the Project Ranger group doing a MMPR dark version series:

And, lastly, Akibaranger. So obviously, I still like dudes running around in multi colored garments fighting rubber monsters. That hasn’t gotten old. It’s just that Saban is failing at the new seasons…somewhere.

2). So my fandom has shifted, too, Lisa. Maybe its also due to the amount of PR fans that are coming out of the wood works? I find bandwagon fans annoying, purists calling “out of the box” thinkers, haters. Just because I liked RPM over Samurai doesn’t make me a “fake fan”.

3). About the comment: “What is Forever Red?” OUCH! You can’t be serious…yet, I am somehow not surprised.

4). Wish list: I WANT ZIGGY!!!! JEN & WES KISS. PIGGY (HUSH). BOOM (HUSH). KATIE. Fine all want all of Time Force and RPM. I want the Space Rangers. The SPD rangers. Xander, RJ, and basically any of the yummy looking guys from over the years (if they are still consumable). Can I have Astronoma? Treekena? Tanaya 7? I want me some villains…etc, etc, etc. And a real Alpha instead of Tenso.

5). I love the Ryan Steele VR Troopers Reference.

6). April Fool’s Tweet Joke. Awesome. Loved the sense of humor.

7). About the budget: For the marketing and advertising: INCREDIBLY GREAT. Content within the actual show: *Crickets*.

7.5). Has [Saban] Brands changed from [Saban] Entertainment in terms of being a Stooge: Nope. Still a gripping Billionaire.

8). Can we have the Psycho Rangers?

9). I wish Trini was still alive. :(

10). I wish that SB gave the actors ample amount of time to prepare for this shoot that barely a month to prepare. At least 6 months in advance would be nice. It was all handled very poorly. But we shouldn’t be surprised, this is Saban’s company that we are talking about after all, after 20 years, nothing has changed…

11). Thanks for the great upload! My brain is super tired, and has a lot of storyboarding, animatic making, and such to do tomorrow morning. Have a great night. Keep up the good work!


Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on May 17 13 at 3:48 am