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Power Rangers Megaforce Rumors

Fans have been buzzing about the recent summary of a Power Rangers Megaforce comic reader from Barnes and Noble:

A comic reader based on the new Power Rangers season–which also happens to be the 20th anniversary of PR!

For centuries, groups of brave warriors known as Power Rangers have been called upon to protect our world from evil. Now, the future of humankind rests in the hands of a few ordinary teens with one extraordinary destiny.

The 20th Season of Power Rangers will include flashbacks, weapons, and characters from previous seasons, and promises to be the most exciting season yet!

There’s speculation that Saban will use Gokaiger mixed in with the Goseiger adaptation. May I remind you that Amy Jo Johnson was a “special guest” in Power Rangers Zeo’s “There’s No Business Like Snow Business Part 1″ as a flashback. And don’t forget “Clash of the Red Rangers” from Power Rangers Samurai with perma-stuck-in-suit RPM Red. I’m not totally counting out cameos here and there for Megaforce, but let’s not get our hopes up, people.

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