No Pink Spandex » Episode 146: Booze Up for Buster

Episode 146: Booze Up for Buster

No Pink Spandex – Episode 146: Booze Up for Buster (1:54:20, 79 MB)

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Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Spy
Topic: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episodes 13-17

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Podcast Sentai Power Rangers – A podcast about everyone’s favorite costumed heroes in Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider.

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I found the discussion about cell phone technology overuse to be quite interesting… Yes, the Wild Force morphers were pretty lame. I couldn’t figure why they used them, but it was also when cell phones came into their-hand-held-we-hold-longer-than-30-minute-charges beings. So it was the “cool” thing to do then…(I could go on and on about how I disliked Wild Force, but it would be another pointless tangent…).

I could sort of see a “smart phone” style morpher. “Downloading zord figuration now!” *beep beep beep* *send!* “Oh, crap, the morphing grid is down for maintenance…Using cloud service technology now! Downloading former zord figuration mode 2.0. now!” I would go for something smaller than a “smart phone”, even in reality, they are to clunky.

If the mp3 player could do double time as a morpher, I would almost be in for that… or the blue tooth system. No, to sun glasses. That was stupid, I would take Geki gloves over Jungle Fury’s morphing system (I could also go on a pointless tangent of how I couldn’t survive 3 episodes of JF, but could power watch GR in 3 days)…

Again, sucky morphers and sucky shows…The Mystic Force wands/Samurai Paint brushes are do-able. Still not to crazy over them.

So what will be the “next” morphing system of the future (not talking about the sentai shows to be seen: Goseiger, Gokiager, Akibaranger ((maybe, I would love that, Saban…highly doubt it)), and Go Buster), what new device will they be using?

(Hey, if Kamen Rider series can be creative, then why can’t Sentai/Power Rangers)

About Gobuster:
I don’t really mind Go Silver. I like a kocky character thrown into the mix with an equally egotistical mechanical droid. I would think that he being in his 40s, would want his droid to have lots of purposes… (I will stop my train of thought here).

Anyways… keep posting your crazy tirades about all things Toku, and PR. I love it. I need something to listen to while I color in my comics. Coloring takes a long time, and you guys go and and on. Perfect!

Keep it up!


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