No Pink Spandex » New Video of Rose McIver in “The Lovely Bones”

New Video of Rose McIver in “The Lovely Bones”

Rose McIver (Rose from Power Rangers RPM) will be in the Peter Jackson movie The Lovely Bones premiering December 11th. According to GeekTyrant, the following clip “focuses on Stanley Tucci targeting his next victim using the similar tactics he used to murder Susie”.

(Courtesy: MSN Movies)

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Man, it only took Stanley Tucci 45 seconds to seriously creep me out. I’d be shocked just based on that clip alone if he isn’t in the Best Supporting Actor conversation this year.

Oh, and Summer’s probably thanking her lucky stars for this role, since this is in all likelihood the Best Picture front-runner.

TK added these pithy words on Nov 25 09 at 12:23 am