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New Guests for Power Morphicon 2


An award-winning director of dozens of television shows (including Saban’s SWEET VALLEY HIGH and hit shows GOOSEBUMPS, ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK, and STARGATE ATLANTIS) and motion pictures, David Winning is best known to Ranger fans for his role as main director of the second feature-length PR adventure, TURBO: A POWER RANGERS MOVIE.


From his first job as Production Manager starting with the first episode of MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS to his later roles as Story Editor for POWER RANGERS TURBO through POWER RANGERS TIME FORCE, Co-Producer from POWER RANGERS IN SPACE to PRTF, and Executive Producer of POWER RANGERS RPM, Judd “Chip” Lynn is the one of the longest tenured staff members and the most prolific writer in PR history.

Also, there will be an announcement about the exact dates and location of Power Morphicon 2 coming very soon.

(Courtesy: Power Morphicon)

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