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Rose McIver Peter Jackson at Comic Con

I’m just like any other girl.  I spend my weekend nights pouring over the impending Comic Con Schedule wishing to be in the San Diego area and cursing the fact that I’m stuck in Iowa.

“But Meg, what does this have to do with Power Rangers?”

Yes, yes, a very astute observation.  Yes, cast member(s) from the current season tried to get there.  Or an extremely obsessed dedicated fan of Adelaide Kane tried to get them there.  I’m still unclear on that one.

Sadly, there is nothing directly related to the current season or the show over all.    Nothing like the hey day of the cast of SPD with the exclusive neato Drew Struzan posters.

“Okay, get to the point or I’m going lose interest real quick.”

Well, voice in my head, the Comic Con news isn’t directly related to power rangers, but at least to Rose McIver (Summer from Power Rangers RPM).  Peter Jackson will be appearing in two panels on Friday’s schedule.  The first will be covering the upcoming District 9 and a co-panel with King of the World, James Cameron on the future of movies.

However, what I’m hoping for is some news or buzz on Jackson’s upcoming adaptation of Alice Sebold’s novel, The Lovely Bones.  McIver plays Lindsey Salmon, the younger sister of the main character Susie Salmon.  The movie focuses on the murder of Susie and how the family learns to cope with it while Susie narrates the whole thing from heaven.

It feels like is barely any information out for this film, even the poster is blank.  But the film is steeped in Oscar buzz.  The rest of the cast has Rachel Weisz, Saoirse Ronan, Mark Wahlberg, and Susan Sarandon.  Brian Eno is even  scoring the film (I know I’m a music nerd when …). I haven’t seen a single blog list of anticipated films for 2009 that hasn’t listed this movie.

The film has even been riddled with problems, such as a rift between Jackson and the art department and Ryan Gosling being replaced by Mark Wahlberg mid-shooting. Heck, they can’t even decide if the release date is Christmas 2009 or sometime early in 2010.

When I first started for NPS, I brought up that I found out about this movie to Lisa.  To which she said, ‘great, write it up!’  However, with no trailer, no real poster, no pictures of McIver being included with the recently released press photos, the task hasn’t been easy for a news writer specializing in Power Rangers.

All I’ve been able to locate is a two year old article about McIver being cast in the film and two photos from the set, one of which has me very distracted by Wahlberg’s hair.  When the best thing I can provide for information is McIver in 1970’s sweatpants, the feeling is incredibly frustrating.

Hopefully Jackson will throw out an information bone.

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