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Even More-er PMC2 Guests Added

You know that amazing line up of Power Rangers cast and crew that was at Anime Expo last weekend?  As it turns out, they’ll all be at PMC 2 and even more.


The first of what would be many Australian Ranger actresses of the series, Catherine played Katherine “Kat” Hillard. Initially evil, she soon became the second Pink Ranger for MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, the sole Pink Ranger for POWER RANGERS ZEO, and the first Pink Ranger for POWER RANGERS TURBO.


The one and only voice for the one and only Rita Repulsa, head villainess from MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, Barbara has been an impeccable voice actress for many years. Among the many PR villains she’s voiced, includes POWER RANGERS ZEO’s Prince Sprocket and Klank, and the female half of POWER RANGERS WILD FORCE’s Org General Mandilok. On the opposite side of the coin, she voiced the heroic Ladyborg on PR’s sister series Saban’s Beetleborgs Metallix.


After debuting the character of songstress Tanya Sloan in MIGHTY MORPHIN ALIEN RANGERS, Nakia became the Yellow Ranger for POWER RANGERS ZEO, and the first Yellow Ranger for POWER RANGERS TURBO. She was also in TURBO: A POWER RANGERS MOVIE, and continues acting regularly.


The second Green Ranger for POWER RANGERS TURBO and the sole Black Ranger for POWER RANGERS IN SPACE; Roger played Justin’s friend and mentor, the soccer star Carlos Valerte. Roger also holds the unique distinction of being the ony Ranger actor to portray both a robot and a vampire in the same season.


As Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson (better known as T.J.), the second Red Ranger for POWER RANGERS TURBO and the sole Blue Ranger of POWER RANGERS IN SPACE, Selwyn has the honor of playing the show’s first African-American team leader. He was also baked into a giant pizza once!

Now well known for her work in Not Another Teen Movie, numerous horror films and the author of How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, Cerina is best known to POWER MORPHICON attendees as Maya, the alien Yellow Ranger of POWER RANGERS LOST GALAXY.


Why does he always have to be the decoy? Reggie starred as Damon Henderson, Astro Megaship and GSA mechanic supreme, turned Green Ranger of POWER RANGERS LOST GALAXY. Reggie and his wife Amy are also the first Power Rangers main cast members to marry one another.


As POWER RANGERS LOST GALAXY’s buggy main villainess Trakeena, Amy Miller-Rolle sought vengeance against the Galaxy Rangers for the death of her father Scorpius. Since marrying co-star Reggie Rolle, Amy has become the first Queen of Evil to capture a Ranger in the bonds of Holy Matrimony!


As Dana Mitchell, POWER RANGERS LIGHTSPEED RESCUE’s Pink Ranger, Alison balanced the usual teenaged family difficulties alongside trying to save the world from demons – and later joined Tommy Oliver in the ranks of Power Rangers to receive impossibly fast doctorates. With her role on the unsigned pilot Dream Force Angels, Alison holds a rare distinction of having been part of two different Saban superhero teams!


With a long history as a stunt performer and actor for the show’s fight team and nearly becoming a Power Ranger several times over the years, Dan was ultimately cast as Silver Guardian Commander Eric Myers, POWER RANGERS TIME FORCE’s Quantum Ranger.


Monica played thief turned B-Squad Yellow Ranger, Elizabeth “Z” Delgado on the futuristic POWER RANGERS SPD. Since then, she’s appeared in SPD Executive Producer Greg Aronowitz’s films Battle Planet and Labou, the latter of which screened at the previous POWER MORPHICON.


Most people may know Tony as the voice of Rick Hunter of Robotech and voice director for many anime series over the years. But for fans of POWER RANGERS, he has the distinction of being the man Haim Saban and Shuki Levy chose to develop MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS in the first place! Having gone from original series story editor, supervising producer and episodic writer, Tony was also the voice of the enchanted Saber Saba, the computer of the original Megazord, and the suit & voice actor of the Wizard of Deception.


One of the Executive Producers of POWER RANGERS SPD, Greg also an accomplished writer, director, prosthetics developer, propmaster, set designer, and puppeteer whose talents have graced such classics as ABC’s Dinosaurs, Babylon 5, FOX’s The X-Files Movie… and MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE! Greg’s craftsmanship in creating lifeike alien makeup and puppetry brought Doggie Cruger, Piggy, and other aliens in Newtech City to life. Greg’s own films to date include Battle Planet and Labou, both featuring numerous PRSPD actors.

(Source:  Power Morphicon)

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