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Three-Year-Old Red Ranger Saves Grandmother

A UK three-year-old, Bradley Matthews, saved the life of his grandmother when he was dropped of at her home and found her collapsed on the floor. He tried to wake her, then tried picked her up before answering the phone when it rang and alerted his aunt, Joanne Burdiss, on the other end of the line. The paramedics were called after Joanne rushed over and the grandmother, Ann Burdiss, was taken to a local hospital.

Ann had to this to say, “I really thought it was my last day and I was on the way out. I feel like he’s saved my life and I don’t know what could have happened if he hadn’t come in.

“Everyone in hospital has been calling him a little hero. They said the longer you are out the worse it is for you. He told the staff that he was being Red Power Ranger and was picking me up.”

(Courtesy: Hartlepool Mail)

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