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Is Eddie’s First Half of RPM Being Sabotaged?

From Fury Diamond on Star Points RangerCrew, one of Fury Diamond’s sources said the following:

Judd Chip Lynn and Koichi Sakamato in particular have been going back and cutting out full drama scenes with actors to replace it with more slow motion explosions, fighting, and lame foot on the gas shots. They have been done…get a clue! People loved the first 3 episodes because they had story / character moments.

Blitz was an amazing episode at start and end, but the middle was over run with crap that Koichi put in because he gets kick backs from toy companies the more the morphed Ranger suits are on screen. Eg. go back to Doctor K ep and watch when Gem and Gemma hand her the birthday pencil. You see maybe 2 colors when she looks at it. What was written was that the pencil is actually 5 colors as she rotates it to see green, yellow, blue, red and black. A beautiful moment cut short so that more cheese could be screened to sell toys.”

However, Keith from Henshin Justice responded with information from one of his sources:

Hey guys… now you KNOW you can trust me and I looked in to this.. not only do I have very good word from a source that this is confirmed as false a little education also places something like this as pretty much impossible to do.

And we know Judd’s work, people… if anything he’s always worked to make sure character stays in the show.

Whatever the case may be, no one can argue that this is one of the most interesting, most talked about Power Ranger series in a long time. All of this talk is bound to produce wild rumors and speculation, so remember to take everything with a grain of salt!

(Courtesy: Star Points RangerCrew and Henshin Justice)

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