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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is Not Power Rangers

No, it’s not Power Rangers, but a former Power Ranger was going to be on the show, so there’s the link for the anal! Really though, there are rumblings from various boards with new info about the show. If you’ve been living under a rock, check out the trailer. Ok? Have you watched it? All of it? Good. Moving along.

Do you care? No seriously. Do you care about this show? I may be going on a limb here, but most people only care because it’ll subconsciously be compared to Power Rangers. Sure, there are legit people who like Tokusatsu (say that crap 5 times fast) and who want to see how this version of Kamen Rider will be translated. Fine. But really, most folks are going to watch this show expecting, “A better Power Rangers” or “Power Rangers, but darker” or “Power Rangers, but [insert adjective here]“. It’s not going on its own merits. People just want a better Power Rangers show.

I think that’s unfair to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. What KRDK would have to do in order to break the comparisons would be in the acting, and unfortunately, Matt Mullins (Len from the show) is still there…as a lead….in the show….still! Maybe he’ll pull a Jason David Frank and get better over time…maybe.

But we don’t have that kind of time. KRDK needs to stand on its own from jump. It needs not be “Power Rangers but ______”. For their sake, I hope it does well. And let’s stop pussy-footing around. I hope the toys sell well, because that’ll keep the show around. I’ll even buy some! Why? Because I want a better Power Rangers show.

Yes, I’m one of the people who does not care about Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Curious? Yes. Can’t wait to see it? I really can wait. It doesn’t look that great to me. The only thing that does intrigue me is the cinematography, and that’s why I’ll watch it. Other than that, don’t care. Eventually I’ll care more because I want the show to stick around. That way, the folks running Power Rangers will be challenged somewhat to do a better show. (Although, Disney would just stick to their game plan of dumbing everything down because it’s a different demographic than KRDK. They would so do that crap.)

Still, I think Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will at least ignite some fire over in the Power Rangers camp. It has to.

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