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Alien Ninja

Greg Aronowitz (Executive Producer of Power Rangers SPD) is working on a new internet series called Alien Ninja. Cast includes Chris Violette and Monica May, (Sky and Z from Power Rangers SPD), and here’s the synopsis:

I am known as “He who is seen by all” throughout the universe. I have [traveled] this universe for thousands of years waging war and doing the bidding of my great Leader.

Upon arriving on this [minuscule] planet I have permitted several of your citizens to follow me and record my quests so that all might know of the mighty presence that has graced your planet with occupancy.

I seek “The Master” so that I might learn the secrets of the Fiery Lotus. I have arrived to Honolulu having overcome the first simple defense of this planet, this “ocean” you speak of in order to find The Master and nothing shall stop me from doing so!


Fun hilarious fact: Before flying to the location of the shoot, this venturing comedy was without a script. 14 days right before leaving for Hawaii.

*blink blink*

Here’s a picture to…umm…blink some more:

(Courtesy: LastLine from Rangerboard.)

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