No Pink Spandex » Episode 263: Return of the Matt

Episode 263: Return of the Matt

No Pink Spandex – Episode 263: Return of the Matt (2:16:54, 95 MB) [Direct Download]

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Shamus

Topics: Originally recorded on Sunday, January 28, 2018. Another trip to the NPS vault! We discuss the premiere of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel “Echoes of Evil”. Then we delve into the news, and round off the episode with comics Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23 and Go Go Power Rangers #6. Who was robbed of an Oscar nomination? Listen to find out!

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Shamus, Super Ninja Steel is trash. Fin. I’m a part of a group on FB and they are HARDCORE PR Fan who pretty much like anything PR. Even Operation Overdrive. You know it’s bad when THEY hate Ninja Steel. No one likes it and i feel bad for Zoe, Chrysti-Ane, and Jordi because they’re actually pretty good in their parts.

Return of the Matt??? Yaaaaaaaaaassssssssss. Loved it.

I don’t know guys, i like the artist’s art for this part of the comic. I LOATHE the one for the Shattered Grid arc. That one looks jank and all sorts of wonky. This art fits with the darkness of the story line at least. Idk what this is for shattered Grid.

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