No Pink Spandex » Episode 238: Power Rangers Movie Review Part 1

Episode 238: Power Rangers Movie Review Part 1

Episode 238: Power Rangers Movie Review Part 1 (2:02:57, 85 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Shamus
Guest Co-Host: Andre from Black Nerd Comedy

Topics: Originally recorded on March 26, 2017. We review the “Power Rangers: Legacy Wars” mobile game. Then our guest co-host Andre joins us to discuss the world premiere of the Power Rangers movie. Spoilers for the move start around the 46:50 mark. If you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve been warned!


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The first time I saw the new film, there were two little single digit kids sitting behind me, who decided that it would be a GREAT idea, to talk throughout the whole bloody film non stop. Mamma told them to shush about twice, and one was like, “naw you don’t shush me WOMAN!”. I wanted to pop that kid soooo badly, but smacking a kid at a PR film wouldn’t make great media. Some parents are idiots.

We also had an idiot parent who thought it was a bright idea to bring a child under the age of two to the movie. When that Rita scene came to fruition, we had this little kid have a complete meltdown. Dramatized because of Rita. Go Go Power Rangers…

The second time I went to watch the film, I sat in the nose bleed section, laying on my back, and watched the film. During the middle credits, we had these two little girls who thought they were the cutest things (no you weren’t), run up to the screen, and dance in front of it. So their little shadows were in front of everything, and their little heads were crapping up the screen. Folks decided that it was “talking time”, and when the Tommy scene came up, they were like, “Oh, maybe we should shuttup now”. (Luckily the two brats sat down for that part).

In my second viewing, we had a little kid ask questions now and then, but at least his parent shushed him.

I’m going to attempt a #3, hopefully in another week (if it’s still in theaters). I hope to have the place to myself. (No, really, if there’s someone else, you better not be a kid. Unless you are well-behaved). I want to enjoy the film without hearing your little craptastic voice or feeling you kicking my seat.

I never saw a Power Rangers film in the movie theater, and I had to wait 20 (or 22) years to see my first one. So idiots of the world, don’t bring your spoils when I am there. OKAY? I want to enjoy my PR film in peace!

/end rant

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Apr 08 17 at 2:54 am

^^^What the—-?!

Spam on NPS, now that’s a first.

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Apr 10 17 at 7:56 pm