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Rene Naufahu Charged With Sexual Misconduct

Rene Naufahu (Ji from Power Rangers Samurai) is going through court proceedings to address 17 sex charges pressed against him, according to a report from Radio New Zealand.

He was originally charged in January 2016, and faced a trial in December 2016 that was aborted after two days for reasons unknown to the press. At the time, he was only facing 15 charges, two charges have been added since then and the date for a new trial is still being set at this time.

While Naufahu originally wanted this suppressed for the good of his family and career, he’s released a statement to the media expressing his desire to defend himself publicly, and rescue the reputations of other actors who were assumed to be the defendant in this case.

“I now no longer seek suppression with my family’s support. I am pleased to be able to make this decision and I know that it is right. I am quite prepared to confront these charges openly and will do so.”

Naufahu’s next court date is currently scheduled for April 2017.

(Courtesy: kainhighwind2 from Rangerboard)

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