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Second Power Rangers Movie Trailer

Lionsgate just released the second Power Rangers movie trailer. Check it out below:

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No Pink Spandex » Episode 228: The Ground is Swole added these pithy words on Jan 25 17 at 3:58 pm

This looks like a final trailer. Same goes for the “teaser” that came out in In October. The frist five seconds of this trailer was a teaser. The bit with Adam (I see “Adam” when I look at him) and Billy was kinda funny, but Trini getting yelled at for a urine sample scene seems out of he random. No matter how hard I look at him, I can’t see or hear Brian Cranston as Zordon,although the CGI for Zordon looked decent. I just cant with Alpha and Goldar.
It sounds like I’m ranting, and I am, sorta. Only time will tell how the movie will turn out. Most likely following the Generic “dark/edgy” Bayformer/Divergent-esque type action plaguing most reboots now a days.

TimeTigerYellow added these pithy words on Jan 19 17 at 6:26 pm

It’s Happening!!!!!. lol. Most of the trailer looks good. I can forgive the Alpha design and Zordon/Brian looks decent. They gave him mobility in the command center by being able to travel through the walls. Goldar on the other hand…who thought that would be a good idea? I understand Rita’s staff takes material from the land/area to create monsters and putties which was more of a Zedd thing. But creating Goldar out of gold from a jewelry store is just cheesy even for Power Rangers.

Ivario added these pithy words on Jan 20 17 at 12:04 pm