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Episode 207: Welcome to the AG

No Pink Spandex – Episode 207: Welcome to the AG (2:22:29, 98 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Shamus
Topics: We discuss Boom! Studios’ MMPR Comic #1, Power Rangers Ninja Steel casting side(s), a ton of Power Rangers movie news, and episodes 5 and 6 of Power Ranger Dino Super Charge “Roar of the Red Ranger” and “Forged Under Fire.”

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Dino Charge has been going since it went Super. Roar of the Red Ranger was the worst, most bizarre (not in a good way) episode in all of Dino Charge. I have no qualms in saying that. I support the 1 ratings wholeheartedly.

JNTA1234 (Javier) added these pithy words on Mar 09 16 at 9:24 pm

Oh dear, where to start…

Dino Charge Episodes written by:
Episodes 1 – 4 Chip Lynn
Episodes 5 – 6 Jeffrey Newman, Peter Wiseman & Chip Lynn
Episode 7 Chip Lynn
Episode 8 Peter Wiseman, Tanya M. Wheeler & Chip Lynn
Episodes 9 – 11 Chip Lynn
Episode 12 Jeffrey Newman & Chip Lynn
Episode 13 Chip Lynn & James W. Bates
Episode 14 – 15 Chip Lynn and Mark Litton
Episode 16 Chip Lynn and Jeffrey Newman
Episode 17 – 18 Chip Lynn and Becca Barnes*
Episode 19 Chip Lynn
Episode 20 Chip Lynn and Becca Barnes*

Episode 21 and 22 Chip Lynn and Mark Litton

So far, we have additional staff of
Jeffrey Newman
Peter Wiseman
Tanya M. Wheeler
James W. Bates
Becca Barnes*

*Because of DSC

Okay, seems pretty reasonable. Then Dino Super Charge Happens:

Episode 1 Chip Lynn & Becca Barnes
Episode 2 – 3 Chip Lynn, Becca Barnes, and Alwyn Dale
Episode 4 Chip Lynn & Marc Handler
Episode 5 Chip Lynn, Becca Barnes, and Alwyn Dale
Episode 6 Chip Lynn, Ann Austen, Becca Barnes, and Alwyn Dale
Episode 7 ?
Episode + ?

So Becca Barnes is a repeat from last season. Okay. But now there’s lots of new people. We have a Marc Handler, Ann Austen and an Alwyn Dale.

I can’t pretend to know who these people are, because I surely don’t. However, I can see that there is a shift in writing staff, and in the new episodes, it’s very apparent that something is going on behind the scenes.

I really liked Hyckle’s character. From above, it looks like many of the same staff for the previous show is in there. But then, I started noticing an increase of awful puns, and useless talking in the fight sequences. Now, I see a new name in the line up for the writers. Is Alwyn responsible for this switch? Was it Marc? I haven’t a clue, but the last few episodes have had hiccups that doesn’t belong in Chip’s universe.

The whole thing with Tyler and Shelby, “You don’t know me” was ridiculous. Tyler came off as a PMSing teenager. I found it over dramatized, and it made me wonder if someone is interfering with Chip’s image of the show. It’s not as bad as what happened to Hibiki or GoBusters, where the whole show took a major U-Turn because the production team was forced to switch out entirely (Hibiki) or be reworked (GoBusters) do to the low toy sales (lame ass excuse).

And, I agree with Lisa on this one, had my deadbeat dad came back into my life, and tried to act like it is something normal, I’d have smacked him. Dude leaves in ten years. Didn’t tell mom his whereabouts. Probably wasn’t any child support payments, or any help, and this dude thinks he can come right back into my life like nothing ever happened?!? Shoot, there would probably be a restraining order or something… Yeah, I totally wouldn’t be cool about it. Tyler is delusional. I was really hoping that in that lava scene (re: broken gem, broken bond possibility hint hint cough cough), that Tyler wouldn’t make it out. Wouldn’t that be great? He’d disappear? Then maybe his dad would have a reason to earn his trust by leading the team, or going in to find him and save him? Shoot, that’s an idea? Tyler should have 3rd degree burns or at least heat stroke (kid’s show, right?) and there could be an awesome father-son bonding moment? Or maybe Tyler’s dad fixes Tyler’s energem and helps rebuilt trust that way. Doesn’t mean Tyler still likes him, but it could be baby steps.

Anyways, here’s my dream for the remainder of the episodes:

Episode 7 – 23 Chip Lynn and Eddie Guzelian

All of these episodes are probably shot and are on the cutting board, seeing how everyone’s Instagram / Facebook accounts are teeming with shirtless shots of Yoshi, crazy gymnastics of Brennen, and goofy pictures of all of the other darlings… (Sir Ivan Davi… need I say more?)

But I like to HOPE. And, in my hopes of hopes. I hope that Eddie G. was brought back for some episodes.

— Old Fart Fan —-

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Mar 15 16 at 6:46 pm