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BOOM! Comics Announces Pink Ranger Comic Miniseries

In an exclusive with the Los Angeles Times, BOOM! Comics explains their plans to expand the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book that launched in January with a six-part series centering on Kimberly’s character simply called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink.

“Kimberly has retired from the Power Rangers to pursue life as a professional gymnast, but Zordon calls her back for one last mission to defend a mountainside where a long-resting, ancient, evil Zord lies dormant. To get back into the action—and, for the first time, lead her own team—Kimberly has to dust off the rust, plus create a practical, handmade outfit in the process!”

Written by Brenden Fletcher (of DC Comics’ Batgirl) and Kelly Thompson (of IDW’s Jem and the Holograms) and illustrated by Daniele DiNicuolo (of Dark Horse’s Mirror’s Edge: Exordium), the first issue is due out in May.

(Courtesy: NightMere10 from Rangerboard)

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