No Pink Spandex » Weighs In On Lionsgate’s Faith In Power Rangers Movie Weighs In On Lionsgate’s Faith In Power Rangers Movie

Forbes Magazine contributor Scott Mendelson has posted his thoughts on Lionsgate trading a release date meant for the final film in the Divergent series to the upcoming Power Rangers movie.  While he mentions that Hollywood is capable of creating a blockbuster film no matter what time of year it debuts, he makes an argument that the spring may be more fortuitous than the summer these days.

In terms of long term goals, the success of the first Power Rangers movie is significantly more important to Lionsgate than the success of the final Divergent movie. All due respect, the sci-fi teen lit franchise is basically playing itself out at this point, and it’s not like Lionsgate has to keep interest above room temperature in the hopes of spin-offs or prequels or whatever every studio wants to do whenever a franchise ends.

He also gives credit to the studio for snapping up Ludi Lin right before his film Monster Hunt makes big money in China.

(Courtesy: Goseired11 from Rangerboard)

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