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Becky G Interview with TIME Magazine has uploaded their own interview with Becky G, who plays Trini in the Power Rangers movie coming in 2017.  She talks a lot about the work she’s put into her impending debut album, and what people can expect from bringing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back to the big screen.

[TIME:] Were you a Power Rangers kid growing up?

[Becky:] For sure. I think for some people, they’re like, “Isn’t Power Rangers cheesy?” No! What’s so cool about being a part of this is we’re going to give it a whole new identity. It’s going to be so much more creative and so much more relevant to now. I feel like a lot of kids, and even people older, too, are really going to be able to relate to it.

[TIME:] That’s what I’m interested in—why now? What does a Power Rangers reboot have to offer the world in 2017?

[Becky:] I can’t say much about it, but like I said, I feel like it’s going to be so relatable. It’s not just, “Morphin’ time!” [Gomez puts her hands together and acts out the old morphing sequence.] Literally you’re going to see these kids grow up in front of your eyes. That to me is going to be so cool to play because this is my first movie ever. I was just in Vancouver, where we’re going to be shooting, and apartment-hunting—I’ve never lived on my own! This is a whole new experience for me, and this character is also experiencing something new for her as well.

[TIME:] I like the taco necklace you’re wearing, by the way—that would be the best gift I’ve ever received if someone gave it to me.

[Becky:] Thank you. Well, I’ve been trying to eat healthy because I have to be a Power Ranger, and if I can’t eat the food, I want to wear it.

(Courtesy: Goseired11 from Rangerboard)

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