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Kyle Higgins Interview with Comic Book Resources

The venerable CBR has conducted their own interview with Kyle Higgins, head writer of the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book from Boom! Studios.  He gives out juicy details, including a fresh approach to Tommy’s story and a few things to satisfy the bad guy fan in all of us.

I’m writing the series with a more modern sensibility. I’ve been kind of equating it to what Mark Waid and Fiona Staples have been doing — brilliantly — with “Archie.”  They’re the characters we know and love, but in a more contemporary setting and with the benefit of higher production value (See: the amazing Hendry Prasetya) and a format that really favors a big, serialized story.

You can read more about Higgins’ approach on Comic Book Resources. Issue #0 comes to shelves on January 6, 2016.

(Courtesy: SonicBlueRanger from Rangerboard)

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