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Boom! Comics acquires Power Rangers license

Comic book powerhouse Boom! Comics announced to The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly that they’ve partnered with Saban Brands to become the new publisher for Power Rangers.  At San Diego Comic-Con this July, they’ll be handing out six introductory single-page issues, each featuring a different one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Boom! says their series will focus exclusively on the MMPR era, targeting those that grew up on it.

“We have big, big plans that will build on the core universe of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” said BOOM! Studios editor-in-chief Matt Gagnon. “We can’t give too much away just yet, but the story we’re kicking off with is vast in scope.  Fans of BOOM! know we treat the existing properties we collaborate on with a focus on authenticity and quality.  That’s the same sensibility we’re applying here.  The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have an awesome fan base and we can’t wait to show them how much fun we’re having.”

The comic series officially begins in January.  Boom! Comics is now the third American publisher of Power Rangers comic books, after Marvel and Papercutz.

(Courtesy: Mugenhunt from Rangerboard)

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