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Power Rangers Dino Charge Toy Review: 5″ Action Figures

If there is one constant in the Power Rangers franchise, it’s the basic action figures assortment. My parents couldn’t always afford Megazords, but for me, the basic action figures were a must every year. I like to consider myself somewhat of a more discerning collector. I’m not going to buy everything available because: A) I don’t have that much disposable income, and B) I like to spend a nice chunk of what I do have on importing a lot of Super Sentai merchandise. I’ve always been one to pick and choose in a more selective manner just what I purchase from the Power Rangers line each year. However, I have always picked up the basic figures and I’m happy to say that this year’s assortment is one of the more eye-catching in recent memory.

The big trend that I utterly adored from the anniversary figures of the Super Megaforce line was the back of each card being customized according to the figure. Along those lines, the Dino Charge cards feature an individualized photo and short bio for the individual ranger. It’s interesting to note that these packages were clearly finalized prior to the show’s filming as the Red and Green Dino Charge Rangers are incorrectly named Quinn and Lucas, respectively.

Bandai has gotten in the habit of attaching the plastic packaging to the cards via taped tabs meaning that they can be opened with only a few simple cuts, thus preserving the card. For a collector who likes to keep the cards, this is a much-appreciated upgrade. By not having the plastic completely glued to the card, it’s much easier to store the clean cards.

Like the packaging, the figures are very much in line with their immediate predecessors. If you bought this line last year and had a positive experience with it, then you’ll be pleased to know that Bandai listened to your approval. Standing at five inches and just a hair taller than the Super Megaforce figures, both lines look quite natural together. One can only hope that this is the new standard going forward as opposed to the four inch figures from the Megaforce line of 2013.

The paint application on each figure is mostly satisfactory. The helmet details and chest symbols are perfectly detailed. Each ranger’s dinosaur symbol is slightly raised which is a nice, screen accurate detail. The intricacies of the belt buckles and backs are all included, however, both are painted a flat, silver-ish gray. The Dino Charge team is also supposed to feature silver claws on their gloves and while this feature is molded in, the gloves are painted all white. These are not unfamiliar problems but they are ones I would love to see solved in future assortments. Painting details of that level seem to be reserved for Figuarts.

I was particularly impressed by the details on the arms. One of the unique aspects of the Dino Charge uniforms is the dinosaur scaling on the arms that features slightly different shades of each ranger’s color. That detail was impeccably captured in this line and makes the team stand out from all others at nary a glance. I must admit that I was half-expecting that feature to be glossed over so to see it so intricately included was a huge boon for the line as a whole.

Another particular facet of the Dino Charge figures is the shoulder pad above the left arm. These figures depict it as a firm, fully molded piece that can easily be snapped on and off.

The level of articulation is what we have come to expect. The arms and legs feature ball joints. The hands swivel at the glove lines as do the feet at the boot lines. The neck has the same 360 degrees range of motion as the limbs. These aren’t the most poseable figures on the market, but they more than get the job done.

The figures stand perfectly fine with very little finagling required. Female rangers have been known to be a problem in the past since Bandai switched to a much more feminine build for the lady rangers. Ranger Series Yellow from the RPM line was one of the biggest past offenders in my experience. Recent lines have fixed that issue. The Pink Ranger stands up perfectly fine and won’t cause any problems for someone looking to pose the team on their shelf.

Each figure comes with the both of the team’s side arms: the Dino Saber and the blaster that doubles as the Dino Charge Morpher. The weapons are well-detailed but completely yellow. The morpher has a clip so it can be worn on the ranger’s belt. Each ranger’s individual weapons were conspicuous by their absence. This was forgivable with the Super Megaforce line as no such weapons existed, but it is noticeable omission with this assortment

The suggested retail price for these figures is $9.99 a pop. I bought mine at Target for $8.99 which seems to be the most common price. Admittedly, it would take a lot for me to pass on a basic figure assortment. While there could be a few more details for my liking, they still included some surprising detail that I didn’t expect. The lack of ranger specific weapons is a pretty massive detriment, but overall Bandai has come a long way with making each figure feel special as opposed to simply being the same figure over and over again with different paint.

Kids should have no problem enjoying these figures. Five inches is the perfect size for this series and they’ll enjoy having the Dino Charge and Super Megaforce teams interact with one another. Adults pretty much know what they’re getting with the basic figure assortment. Personally, I haven’t had a problem with this line outside of inconsistent sizes over the years. The Dino Charge line seems to indicate that they’ve reached a new normalcy on that issue. The price point is very reasonable and the ranger specific cards might even make you want to buy two sets: one to open and one to keep for display.

The Quick and Dirty


- Detailed, unique packaging
- Easy to open for kids and collectors
- Consistent height with Super Megaforce
- Tons of sculpted details
- Perfect price point


- Ranger bio inaccuracies
- A couple of missing paint apps
- Solid, block colored weapons
- No individual ranger weapons

Overall Grade: A-

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