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Max Landis Rumored To Write Power Rangers Movie

Schmoes Know reports that Max Landis (Writer, Chronicle) has turned in a draft of the screenplay for the upcoming Power Rangers movie to Jim Miller (Executive Vice President, Production & Development at Lionsgate), Allison Shearmur (Executive Producer, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), and Haim Saban.

Then Landis took to Twitter and started posting his opinions about reboots. Hmmm…

Reboots should focus on the fun ideas at the center of the original property. “Dark and gritty” isn’t for everything. Something that was fun and colorful should remain fun and colorful. Just up the intelligence and the character. That was what the first JJ Trek did so well, or Winter soldier, or even the new Godzilla. As a writer, the last thing I’d want would be to force a tone that doesn’t belong onto a story. Tone is story. That said, if the property wasn’t open to evolve, I’d want no part and get out ASAP.

But then posts the following:

As I’ve said before, as of right now, I am not directly involved in Power Rangers. Whether I have been or will be again, no comment. The good news is, regardless of whatever’s happening in Angel Grove, I have three, possibly four movies coming out next year. So…yeah.

Hmmm indeed. On May 16th, Landis took to Twitter again and posted the following:

The worst part of being a recognizable, accessible screenwriter is that all of your minor failures or successes are broadcasted. Imagine if you were an actor, and every audition you went on and didn’t get, it was announced you “failed” to get the part. Or let’s say you were in a movie, and shot your scenes, and now what happens next you don’t control. that’s like screenwriting. So far I’ve had one movie, with one tone. The ones that are coming are all VERY different from Chronicle, and each other. I have a very specific trajectory and goal for myself, and I’m trying to get there before the movie industry falls apart completely. So you can imagine how bizarre it is to hear these voices yelling opinions about scripts they’ve never read, projects that do or don’t exist. Oh well, haters gonna. for now.

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