No Pink Spandex » Episode 165: It’s In the Area

Episode 165: It’s In the Area

No Pink Spandex – Episode 165: It’s In the Area (1:10:28, 48 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Katie, and Berry
Topics: Bulk and Skull Banned from Power Morphicon?, Super Megaforce News, and Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 7 “Who’s Crying Now?”.


You can find Berry on his Star Trek show Starfleet Escape Podcast.

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Comments ( 3 )

Does anyone else not like “Jer”? He comes across as too nerdy and not quite critic-like. He needs to tone down his fanboy and not as so many questions in a high-pitch squeal.

NotPerry added these pithy words on Mar 23 13 at 5:02 pm

It looks like the helmet next to Finster is from Mystic Knights.

Eric added these pithy words on Mar 27 13 at 1:32 pm

Great Episode, guys and gals. It was exactly the right length to what I was working on, and when I finished my project, Lisa was signing off. Whoo!

1. About who to bring back for Saban’s knock off of Gokiager–er–”Super MegaForce”, here’s my list:
(a) Andros from PRiS, (b) Wes & Jen (PRTF), so we can have that kiss, (c) RJ from PRJF), (d) Ziggy (!!!) & Doc K. (You know what? Just bring back RPM-PERIOD. The last episode was a cliff hanger anyways.), (e) Joel from Lightspeed, (f) Boom, Cat and Doggy, & Piggy from SPD., (g) Merrick, Trent, and Eric. (h) Magna Defender and his armored horse, (i) The Mystic Knights of Tar Na Nog, the VR Troopers, wait… Sorry…

Anyways, you get the idea.
2. About “Who’s Crying Now?” I could answer that: The Fans. They are all sobbing over the 20th Anniversary Season part one. “It’s so painful!”
About the first scene: I thought the show was going to have a modern day Bulk and Skull. I don’t know if I was happy about it, or mad, but it sure got my attention. Then the show went south, and I ended up checking email, and doing other things…
3. The Editing of the Episode: Bleh. Very dizzying effect. Not good.
4. Gosei is useless. Zordon probably planted him there, because it was one of his protocols that was a failure. Maybe not everything Zordon did went well. Whoops.
“In the area”. Yeah…Fail.
5. The thought hit me when I was watching Troy: “Is he a pot user?” He seems to have a stony existence. Hm… Stoner!
6. Regards to “Good looking” features for lead rangers: I liked the long haired ones, with the nice bum. Since then, I have moved on to Green/Black and 6th Rangers.
Keep up the good work! Love it that there’s new people (at least to me) joining the conversation today. Hooray!

Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Apr 04 13 at 3:00 am