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Power Rangers Megaforce Character Bios

Here are the character bios from the Power Rangers Megaforce site at

The Red Ranger

Troy Burrows is a born leader, though he may not know it yet. His tough upbringing made him responsible and focused, and it shows in his incredible martial arts skills. As the new kid in town, he’s kind of a loner at the start, but makes fast friends when he joins up with the Megaforce. Troy is compassionate and loyal, and a true champion of the underdog. But mess with the Red Ranger’s friends, and you’re in for a fierce fight with his Dragon Zord!

The Blue Ranger

Noah Carver may be a tech geek, but his wits make a fierce weapon against Earth’s alien invaders. What he lacks in physical coordination he more than makes up for in brainpower, and with his more socially savvy best friend Jake at his side, these two make the perfect team. Sure, Noah may prefer studying up on the supernatural to engaging in battle, but the Blue Ranger’s fearsome Shark Zord is no sci-fi fable.

The Pink Ranger

Emma Goodall is totally in tune with nature, and always on the lookout to protect the environment. So when aliens start attacking her home planet, she takes it VERY personally. She may be sweet, but underestimate this BMX biking chick and you’ll find yourself at the mercy of the Pink Ranger’s Phoenix Zord!

The Yellow Ranger

Gia Moran is labeled as ‘Miss Perfect’, and it’s hard to argue that it’s the truth. Pretty, personable, and a powerful martial arts fighter, Gia is as intelligent as she is confident. She’s been best friends with Emma since they were little, and that’s not going to stop just because they’re in different social cliques now. The Yellow Ranger’s constant success can be frustrating to her teammates, but she and her Tiger Zord are dependable to the end!

The Black Ranger

Jake Holling is out-going, optimistic, fun-loving, and fearless when it comes to both the battlefield and social situations. He loves being the Black Ranger and saving the world with the help of his Snake Zord, but sometimes he wishes he could make his superhero identity public. His one weak spot is his huge crush on the Yellow Ranger, but he’s determined to make her fall for him one day!

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