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Episode 152: Interview with Jason Faunt

No Pink Spandex – Episode 152: Interview with Jason Faunt (1:17:05, 53 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Spy
Topics: We talk with Jason Faunt about him playing pro baseball, auditioning for Power Rangers, cast members, teamups, Power Rangers and older fans, upcoming projects, and more!


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Comments ( 2 )

Aw, I absolutely loved listening to this podcast! Once again, I am sitting here coloring comics on photoshop…it’s a long process, and who better to spend it with? Yay! It’s Jason Faunt (and NPS).

Next to RPM, Time Force was a favorite series for me. Perhaps, it was a little bit more maturer in tone, and got a way from the whole “We are power rangers couldn’t be prouder if you can’t hear us we’ll shout a little louder” that some of the series give off (Samurai, anyone?).

(If I am bouncing around in series references, I apologize, I just have nearly 20 years worth of them to refer to).

I do agree with Jason’s idea that Saban doesn’t know who his audience is anymore. The franchise has a great potential, and if Saban could tip his hat to the older fans, he might find that he’d make more then to just depend on the little kids. Figure Arts, anyone? Collectables? Power MorphiCon?

I even think that Kamen Rider Series is an example of a program that is for kids, but has an adult following, and seems to cater to both. Kamen Rider is not dumbed down for the kids, like many Power Ranger series, and it’s actually written for an teenage audience. So young kids think it is cool, older kids know it’s cool, and adults, like it. (At least, that’s my impression).

Saban could do this if money was well spent. But we know how it is…

As for an adult-oriented show(RE: Power Rangers After Dark idea):

I follow GARO, a successful Japanese Adult oriented TV program. It has deep story lines, dark in nature, and was executed brilliantly. I am not saying COPY the show (Oh, please don’t), but it is possible to create something along those lines. Mature audience oriented shows DO exist.

I suppose Saban could translate Akibaranger. THAT would be darker, more mature, and Oh MY!

The Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Nov 03 12 at 12:22 am

Thank you for getting Jason on! I had absolutely no clue that he was a minor league baseball player. I almost wonder if I have his rookie card. I do collect baseball cards, and I do have a section for minor league-rs, so I am really going to have to go through my collection, and see what I got.

Mexico’s Olympics? Really? Wow. This guy has a lot more to him then what meets the eye.

I was in high school when TF came out. I had the TF team up picture in my locker. I had the Forever Red picture as well. I even had those pictures on my wall in college. (Yeah, my roommates thought I was weird…they were right).

I really need to get back to coloring the comic, so more comments will probably pop up in earlier podcasts. Thank you for what you guys do, not only is it entertaining, but it helps me feel a little less embarrassed for being such a long time fan of such a stigmatized franchise. (I still remember the years when it wasn’t popular to admit to be a fan. Plenty of lonely years…eh).

Thanks again!

Thanks Mr. Faunt!

The Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Nov 03 12 at 12:32 am