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August Swag!

I didn’t realize I got so much stuff in August until I had to ship most of the swag via the US Postal Service. So here’s my haul for August.

Here’s the exclusive Power Morphicon toy from Bandai. At first I wasn’t going to buy it, but then as I was picking up on for a friend, I noticed that the Power Morphicon logo was on it. For those who don’t know, I designed the Power Morphicon logo. This is the first time a design of mine has been on an official product, so heck yeah I’m buying it. I can actually show this to mom!

As a Power Force member, we were treated to a breakfast during Power Morphicon and each received gift bags. The following pictures are the contents (and the bag itself).

Super Samurai tshirt in XL…for men. Guess I won’t be wearing this outside…

Super Samurai Red Ranger toy. It’ll go very well with the exclusive PMC toy!

Anyone want any stickers? I sure don’t.

Volumes 1 and 2 of Power Rangers Samurai on DVD. Nice!

Tshirt time! If you went to Power Morphicon, you’ll recognize the first two shirts right away. The Vortexx folks were giving away Lost Galaxy shirts…in XL…for men. Please make some lady shirts! The second is one of the Power Morphicon shirts. Pretty sweet.

The following two shirts are the best shirts ever. The first being awesome and the second being awesomer! And finally, these shirts are my size, so I can rock ‘em with pride!

Finally, here’s the swag I bought from Walter Jones. The first being a rare poster of him, Austin St. John, and Thuy Trang doing a promo shot for Cyber Force. Cyber Force was a movie that the three were going to work on but it didn’t pan out. At least they have pictures to prove it almost existed! The last picture is self-explanatory awesomeness. I, too, want to be a Dance Master and a Karate Master!

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