No Pink Spandex » Episode 150: Interview with Rick Medina Part 2

Episode 150: Interview with Rick Medina Part 2

No Pink Spandex – Episode 150: Interview with Rick Medina Part 2 (1:16:25, 53 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J and Tristan
Topics: We talk with Rick Medina (Cole from Power Rangers Wild Force, Deker from Power Rangers Samurai) about auditioning for the show, the Saban/Disney transition, previous occupations, his reaction to negative criticism, and more!

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I am very glad that you interviewed Rick Medina, because my amount of respect for this man has gone up considerably. Ten years ago, I watched WF, and thought of Mr. Medina as a cocky, immature, young man. I didn’t think that his acting was so great, and actually, couldn’t completely stand the lack-luster of the Wild Force Series.

Now, after hearings what was going on behind the scenes about the show, a lot of things make more sense. Yes, the transition between Fox to Disney, US to New Zealand, and old staff vs. New staff, would make it very difficult for anyone in that series to work comfortably. I see it now, and I am glad that Mr. Medina spelled it out. A lot of the fans *knew* that things where changing, but we really didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes.

Anyways, I am glad that Mr. Medina explains how things worked for him, and how he has successfully grown as a person. And, how he could take the Ranger forums as constructive criticism. I understand that hearing critiques from viewers can be tough sometimes, but I am glad that he was able to use it to fuel his career. It’s awesome when you can turn that negativity into something beneficial. He has definitely grown as a person.

Oh, I checked out the website. I must say that I am “impressed”. I’ve seen Chippendales, and “other” troops, so that comes as something pretty awesome to an older fan.

Anyways, I have to sign off, but I am very grateful for being able to listen to this interview. Keep them coming.

The Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Nov 21 12 at 4:07 am

so they actually considered making Deker turn out to be Cole! I totally wanted that to be the case, would have helped tie the previous seasons together better.

that’s so cruel! D;

Stefan Emil Johansson added these pithy words on Jan 02 13 at 7:26 pm