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No Pink Spandex at SpringFestNY 2012

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any Power Ranger-y events at SpringFestNY 2012. It’s a free, anime convention ran by the anime club at Polytechnic Institute of NYU in Brooklyn, NY. No offense, I had low expectations. I was somewhat surprised.

The morning was a bit slow. There were attendees there, but it’s as if everyone wasn’t thinking about showing up until noon. For a one-day convention on a Saturday, that surprised me. But then I remembered that I’m in New York. We get up when we feel like it!

So for a Power Ranger fan, the start of the day was really dry. Why did I go again? Geek cons are a rare breed in New York City. Everyone thinks we’re the hub for everything and anything, but geek conventions are slim. I’m not talking about your occasional club here or meetup there. I’m talking straight-up convention. So if there’s are con here, I try to support them as much as possible. Unfortunately for me, my support was running low midway until my friend and companion for the weekend Shana started talking to people. Then I talked to people. And that’s when it clicked.

We both had a lot of postcards to promote No Pink Spandex Live 2012 (with guest Jason David Frank), so that became the ice-breaker. There are a lot of Power Ranger fans. A lot. One girl literally squealed with joy when we mentioned NPS Live to her. We had another conversation with two vendors about good-looking Power Ranger men.

Then this happened:

Seeing a Power Ranger cosplayer made my day! It’s an anime convention and he could have cosplayed as anything else, but chose the Black Ranger. Thank the Lord Jesus!

Then at 3:30pm, there was a Tokusatsu panel. Shana had never seen a lick of Sentai, so this was conversion time! And if anyone knows me well, it’s really weird coming from me to covert someone into a Sentai viewer. She’s lucky Go-Busters is awesome, lol!

The panel itself was rough. Again, I like to support my fellow brothers in Toku but I have to keep it real. It was hard to get through. The guys did show excerpts from Kamen Rider and Sentai, so that helped a lot. And the great ending to this story is that Shana is gonna check out Go-Busters. That’s all I needed to hear!

After the panel, we did talk with the guys and it was just good to talk with Power Ranger fans. That’s what made this convention for me. I didn’t need a guest or any event to enjoy myself. All I did was talk with people with like interests and had a good time. That’s my advice to you at conventions: Go out and talk to people. And carry an ice-breaker!

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holy crap thats across the street from my college city tech! crap a black ranger cosplayer and that suit is awesome! ugh i want my pic taken with him!

Shawn Espinoza added these pithy words on Jul 05 12 at 11:45 pm