No Pink Spandex » Episode 147: Bulk’s Shake Shack

Episode 147: Bulk’s Shake Shack

No Pink Spandex – Episode 147: Bulk’s Shake Shack (1:09:55, 48 MB)

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Show Notes

Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, Tristan, and Spy
Topics: Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Toy Line, Super Fans, Vortexx on The CW, Gokaiger to be Adapted for Season 2 of Power Rangers Megaforce, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series” Available for Pre-Order, and more!

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Alright… from my notes (because I sort of jot things down while I work on other stuff, because I will probably forget all about those little comments that I wanted to make later):

1. RPM does need more love. I agree. Starting from Lost Galaxy isn’t so bad. I’m not unhappy about that, but sure, more concentration on one of the better Power Ranger series wouldn’t hurt either. I’d have Ziggy night and day if I could.

I’ve un bashfully watched that series over 3x, and before I discovered this pod cast, or the live version of The Who’s Tommy online, I used to use RPM as my work background “noise”. Not saying that I am not listening, because I am, I just have something going on in the background while working on the rather time consuming stuff: coloring comics. (I have “listened” to RPM over 3x…).

2. Will VorteXX be another cable channel? Because when they originally went to the Family channel, I had to quit watching until I had internet access or a friend who could record it for me. When I finally caught up, I was a wee behind in shows, and had to power through the series… it wasn’t easy then, so I know that kids in my old situation would have to suffer. Now days, I have my own connection to the internet, and my own ways of catching up independently, but I sure remember the years of pre or very new and not so great internet.

I hope that this Vortexx channel is avaliable for everybody. But I rather doubt it…

3. Super Fan? I still don’t know what it means. If the above doesn’t qualify me, then I don’t know what will…. well, up until my teenage years, I used to cut out any images that I could find, and put them into a scrap book. I collected all of the “reject” toys of my friends. I even posed with a poorly done cosplay red ranger in Hollywood. :D I have random action figures chilling in my book display. I don’t own too many, I think that I have bought one in my life, and the rest were the “rejects”.

Eh… I used to know all of the songs by heart…actually, I still probably do… oh my gosh, I probably do. You know what? When I was on swim team in high school, in order to pass the time, I would go through all of the theme songs–in order. Lightspeed Rescue was a fun one to sprint to. 0.o

I still catch myself humming the Time Force theme from time to time. I have no clue why.

If any of that doesn’t make me a super fan, I have no clue what will…

4. Gokiager being too violent? hahahhahha. BS. BS. BS.
Girls don’t like pirates? BS. BS. BS.

First off, I’m a lady. And, I absolutely LOVED Gokiager. Too violent? My @$$. Hey, I love GARO. And, that’s where I might draw the line for little kids. Super Sentai is for kids. I still don’t know why Saban dummied down Sentai for the American Audience. It’s so much fun! Hey, it’s not like he’s translating GARO. That would be the challenge of the day. (And, no, I don’t want him touching that show either. Some shows need to stay strictly Japanese).

Oh, and I adore Pirates. Capt’n Jack, and Will Turner. YUM!

5. About how many episodes should the next series be: I would like it if they spend more time on the series like Sentai does. My one complaint about American TV is that it is too rushed. I would rather have 40-60 episodes delivering a quality show, then a 20 episode program delivering rushed crap. It is always obvious at the end of the American series (especially Samurai, Super Samurai) that the idea wasn’t fully fleshed out, and important pieces to the puzzle get thrown aside. I know that they have to sell toys to make money for certain scenes, but when that’s all they rely on (toy sales), the end product (the 20 episodes) end up as crap. You can have your cake and eat it too. Just do it like the Japanese series, do it in 40-60 episodes. Take your time. The American audience will appreciate it, and will still buy your toys.

6. If David Yost hobbles out with a cane, I’d watch. Sorry, I always liked Billy. And, since he’s out of the closet, I want the actor to be free, and give Billy the extra *oomph* that he’s being holding back. (No, not like Antonio). Just I want him to be completely comfortable. It will show through in his acting. (That’s probably why I liked Billy. He was shy and quiet. His actor seemed also kind of uncomfortable, and something was missing. Luckily time has let him free. So, I want to see what time can do for Billy. Damn, another tangent. Sorry guys).

Last but not least:

6. The White Ranger amongst the Reds. WTF? I don’t care if I had a mega crush on JDF for years and years and years. But why Tommy’s White Ranger Power? Where did that come from? Sorry, I guess symmetry will be the excuse, but that’s when I’d put Zordon int he tube, or Alpha 5 or something else… not a random white guy. Nope. Nah-ah. No-sir-eee.


As usual. Great podcast. Keep them up. And I apologize for this wall of text.

(Still not a super fan…? *big grin*)

The Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Jul 18 12 at 11:44 pm