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Saban Acquires 4Kids Saturday Morning Block

According to Ira Mayer of EPM Communications, Saban Brands will acquire the “4Kids Saturday morning Kids TV block subject to court approval.”

Konami and Saban have been figuring out how to divide 4Kids Entertainment’s assets after the auction for the bankrupt company adjourned. They had until July 31st to come to an agreement or else 4Kids would go back on the auction block.

If the acquisition is approved, there’s speculation that after Saban’s contract ends with Nickelodeon in 2014, Power Rangers will be moved to the CW. Others say that it would be another outlet for reruns. Don’t be surprised if this is Fox Kids all over again.


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This is screaming out as the reason Saban went with the Goseiger adaptation for the next 2 years on Nick after months of all the clues pointing towards Gokaiger. A move to the CW in 2015 along with a Gokaiger adaptation premiere makes all kinds of logical sense, not the least of which it means that you get rid of Nickelodeon’s horrible promotion of the show as well as the momentum-sapping two half-seasons policy (just think, by the time we get Gokaiger, the US will be THREE whole series behind Japan because of Nickelodeon’s stupidity).

TK added these pithy words on Jun 15 12 at 3:24 pm

Well there are so many parallels it is not even funny. As for being behind Japan, we were always behind Japan. There are loads of Sentai footage not shown here unless you watch Sentai. Saban has a plan that is for sure.

sernity230 added these pithy words on Jun 15 12 at 4:28 pm