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No Pink Spandex on This Week in Geek

I made an appearance on This Week in Geek talking about Power Rangers in general: seasons, toys, rumors, and more. Click the banner below to give a listen. Ok, that was too polite. Listen or DIE! ^_^

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So I don’t really listen any other pod-cast except yours, so when I listened to that I was kind of put off by the over-all production Mr. Birdman had going on. He just seemed kind of unprovessional and didn’t seem to bother researching anything to ask any questions that you couldn’t google in five seconds. But as always Lisa, you were a class act, you clearly knew more about the show than the other guy. You represented our fanbase very well. You didn’t seem as open as you do on your own show though, the tone of your of your voice made it seem like you were a little off-put yourself.

The whole thing just made me appreciate the stellar quality of work you put out for us here. Never stop aiming as high as you do, Lisa J, because the higher you aim, the more smoke you leave everyone else behind in.

Eric added these pithy words on Apr 21 12 at 7:02 pm