No Pink Spandex » Episode 139: Precognitive Asian Powers

Episode 139: Precognitive Asian Powers

No Pink Spandex – Episode 139: Precognitive Asian Powers (48:27, 33 MB)

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Hosted by: Lisa J, Jer, and Tristan
Topics: Power Rangers Samurai Episode 18 “The Ultimate Duel”.

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Comments ( 4 )

I agree. I found PRS a pretty pointless series. What were they trying to accomplish the whole time? The series felt very anti-climatic, and the only reason I kept watching was that I was hoping (or maybe praying) that Saban would actually do something cool his second time around. I guess the only thing cool thus far, is all of the money in PRS marketing. I mean, what kid (or adult, like me) wouldn’t go crazy seeing the Power Rangers at the Rose Parade. Now, THAT was cool!

The Old Fart Fan added these pithy words on Jan 25 12 at 2:31 am

@The Old Fart – By saying that you practically ax out every single Power Rangers series out there. MMPR was twice as stupid as this but the marketing and action kept viewers engaged, especially children, so they really are back-to-basics. You are watching this as an adult, and really, saying that proves (despite whatever protests you will no doubt respond with) that you no longer can see the world through the eyes of a child. The Samurai Rangers teach the exact same thing the original Rangers did about teamwork, friendship, respect, and tolerance. Not to mention there’s actually nothing wrong with them as they are new to acting and given the material, is not so bad. It takes special circumstances and stories to make stuff like Space or Time Force or RPM, but that is hard to do when you distill your story back to basics. I like both, but what I want to see is how fun it is to be into Power Rangers, not bog it down with pathetic adults trying to make PR for grown ups.

Matt added these pithy words on Jan 25 12 at 8:25 am

If you guys got bitchsmacked for everytime you compared it to Shinkenger or ANY Sentai, you’d be permanently bruised. STOP IT! That doesn’t make you cool, it just makes you morons pretending to be intelligent! Can’t you JUST treat it on its own merits? APPARENTLY NOT! TOOLS!

Matt added these pithy words on Jan 25 12 at 8:29 am

Matt, it’s too bad that you weren’t paying attention all of the times we specifically point out that the reason Samurai gets these comparisons is because it goes out of its way to copy Shinkenger almost exactly, nearly every episode. You must also not have paid attention to all the times we mention that, even compared to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, it falls short for us in several areas. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks for listening, by the way. This spirited response just lets us know that NPS is doing its job. Let the debates continue!

HeroPower added these pithy words on Jan 25 12 at 6:04 pm