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Letter from the Editor – May

It’s April 28th, 2011, and there are 5 billion things to do before No Pink Spandex Live starts. Laugh heartily if you think you’re getting sleep, and be thankful that you had time to eat a cereal bar for the day. Then it’s May 2nd, and you look back at the event and give yourself a pat on the back for everyone having a great time and just for making it through. Tuesday will be a great half-day from work. Not so.

That Tuesday, I ran out of work to rush to the hospital that’s a good hour and change away. Finally get to the emergency room, and there’s where I stayed til the night. This would happen another 3-4 times during the month of May. No, I’m not sick. If I were, at least I’d know how to handle. At least I’d have some sort of control. At least I’m young and will be able to bounce back quickly.

I have a loved one this is not well at the moment, and I don’t know when they will get better. I know they will get better eventually, but all of my spare time is currently spent on them (as it should be). Thank goodness for neighbors and church family who have helped along the way, but my loved one only has me day in and day out.

Where does this leave No Pink Spandex? For now, things are going to be slow. I always think I can get 5 billion things done at the same time, but I’ve got to be realistic. Good news it that it won’t be totally dead around here. It’s been taking me a while to get adjusted to everything, so things will pick up again soon…just slowly.

Please keep me and my loved one in your prayers. It has been one of the toughest months for us, and I pray that things do get better. The great thing about this community is that when times are tough, people have your back. To the readers/listeners/viewers out there, thanks for being awesome.

Much love,
Lisa J

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Comments ( 5 )

We love you Lisa and you have our total support, take as much time as you need. I hope the world for you and your family and I pray for things to get better. You’re a class act Lisa, never give up hope.

Eric added these pithy words on Jun 03 11 at 12:48 pm

Hey Lisa, I know what thats like with my own mother, so I feel for you truly and I wish you and your loved one all the best. Remember to take time for yourself when you can and to pace yourself. Everything else can wait and will still be here.

In my thoughts and prayers. Keep it up!

Mali added these pithy words on Jun 03 11 at 2:30 pm

Thinking of you and yours Lisa! xo

Carrie added these pithy words on Jun 03 11 at 7:41 pm

Keep your head up! You’ve got our prayers and positive thoughts behind you.

pingw4ever added these pithy words on Jun 04 11 at 10:45 am

take all the time that you need as important as NPS and PR are to all of us as is to you as well im sure. your family is more important hope evrything goes well keeping you and yours in my prayers

thomas added these pithy words on Jun 13 11 at 12:41 am