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Two Seasons of Power Rangers Samurai?

Looks like it! Paul Schrier (Bulk from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) recently visited Rangerboard with his words of wisdom and to drop some knowledge:

Let it suffice to say that I’m happy and proud to be back on the series…pleased to see my friends from the past coalescing into a potent force once again at Saban Brands, and totally STOKED to be appearing on Nick. With this two season run of Samurai, you’ll get more of a chance to love these characters, more opportunities to enjoy the show…and as has already been pointed out…the footage is crystal clear…welcome to HD MMPR!

There has been speculation as to whether Samurai’s 40-some-odd episodes would be stretched out to 2 seasons, and that seems to be the case. OR could they be keeping the same cast to morph into different suits and mecha for next year? The latter may be slim because casting only asked for the new cast to relocate for about 6-8 months, but who knows. Things could change!

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Here’s my theory. It’s gotten more and more common for shows to split their seasons in half. There tend to be winter finales and “Season 2.5″ for quite a few shows now. Maybe if it’s not two seasons, it’s two half-seasons. That sort of lets everything we know hang together. Maybe we’ll get 20 episodes, then a summer finale, then 20 more in a “second season”.
That’s my guess.

Brandon added these pithy words on Feb 02 11 at 3:26 pm